Can ability 4

Can: Ability, four

Technical Skills

34. I can use a smartphone. True or false? If yes, was it easy to learn? Do you know anyone who cannot use a computer, surf the internet or use a cell phone or smartphone?

35. Can you drive a stick-shift car? How did you learn? Did you make mistakes? Can you drive a car?

36. What can young people do better than older people? What jobs can young people do better than older people? What can older people do better than young people? What jobs can older people perform better than younger people?

37. My neighbor or friend can fix water boilers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, heaters, air conditioners. Yes or no?

38. Can you or your friend troubleshoot and fix PC’s, laptops, smartphones?

39. Can your friend fix or solve car problems?


40. My friend can drink and handle lots of alcohol. Is this right or wrong? Can you drink milk? Are you lactose tolerant or intolerant?

41. Can you read messy handwriting? Can you read cursive writing?

42. What percent of the population cannot read and write?

43. What can visually impaired (blind) individuals do? Can the blind do certain things better than people who can see? What jobs do they perform? Do you know any blind persons?

44. What can hearing impaired (deaf) people do? Can they do things better than “normal” people? Do you know any deaf persons?

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