Can: Ability, three


In General

23. What can magicians do? What could Harry Houdini do?

24. What can European Union citizens or passport holders do? What can Americans do?

25. What could Leonardo da Vinci do?

26. What can your computer do? What can your smart phone do?

27. I can eat hot chili peppers, garlic and onions. True or false? Describe the sensation.

38. What can deaf (hearing impaired) individuals do? Can they do certain things better than people who can hear? What jobs do they perform? Do you know any deaf persons?

29. What could people in ancient civilizations do that those modern societies cannot?

30. All my friends and colleagues can drink beer, wine and whiskey or spirits. Yes or no?

31. Can your friend play poker, blackjack, roulette and craps (dice)?

32. Can you find a job quickly and easily?

33. I can make and upload videos on YouTube. What do you think?


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