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California Tour, one



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iconic clang theme park
wharf abound abundance
federal sapphire legendary
hippy diverse boardwalk
bustle sprinkle roller-coaster
beckon  vintage spectacular
award presidio exceptional
intimate artisan  cradle (2)
fog elegant showcase
giant volcano ingredient
cozy bubbling snow-capped
vent restore steaming
mud fertile sample (2)
span migrate gold-rush
boom foothills faithful (3)
gem redwood delightful
resort heritage pan for gold
refuge meadow innovative
draw (2) roots (2) stretch (2)
otter option unparalleled
parallel gigantic breathtaking
rugged highlight exclusive
access lodging extraordinary
opulent Riviera ambiance
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Boasting iconic cities, dramatic national parks, miles of beaches and an enviable lifestyle, California offers something for everyone.

Whatever you want to get out of your holiday, the Golden State has it all: from road trips to film sets, wine tasting to surfing, theme parks to snowboarding, it’s all here — in California.

We start in San Francisco, one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the world.

Travelers love walking or riding bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge. A ride on clanging cable cars is also fun, especially for kids.

Visitors can sample fresh crab and sourdough bread at Fisherman’s Warf. Pier 39 has an abundance of iconic San Francisco attractions including one of the many California welcome centers throughout the Golden State.

And then there’s the legendary former federal prison on Alcatraz Island.

The city’s diverse neighborhoods include bustling Chinatown, and hippy-style Haight-Ashbury.

In the Mission and Castro Districts visitors can experience other cultures and lifestyles.

Union Square beckons with luxurious shops.

San Francisco also boasts exceptional parks including The Presidio, with spectacular bay views, and one-thousand acre Golden Gate Park, with world-class museums, including the innovative California Academy of Sciences.

San Francisco makes the perfect jumping off point for exploring northern California, either as easy day trips or multi-day adventures.

About an hour south is delightful Santa Cruz, with beaches and a classic boardwalk, with roller-coasters and entertainment.

About one hour north of San Francisco is the celebrated Napa Valley wine country, where visitors can sample award-winning vintages at spectacular wineries.

Shop in charming towns with world class cuisines showcasing local ingredients. Or take a ride on the elegant Napa Valley Wine Train.

Just west of Napa in California’s West Coast region lies intimate and peaceful Somona Valley, home to more incredible wineries.

The region also ranks as an exceptional destination for sampling artisanal foods, especially cheeses.

Continuing west to the coast, romantic fog rolls in from the Pacific Ocean. Here follow the Avenue of the Giants, through coast redwoods, some over 300 feet tall.

Along the wild and rocky coast, a great place to look for migrating grey whales in winter and spring.

Relax at historic, seafront towns like Mendocino at cozy bed and breakfast inns, gift-shops and restaurants in historic, Victorian buildings.

In California’s northeast corner lies the Shasta Cascade region. Known for remarkable volcanoes, including snow-capped, 14,162 foot Mount Shasta with skiing in winter, and hiking and climbing in summer.

Lake Shasta caverns are a hidden jewel, 250 million years in the making and an attraction for all travelers in this volcanic region of California.

Just south is Mount Lassen, with bubbling mud pots and steaming vents.

California’s fertile Central Valley region spans almost the entire length of the state.

Orchards and farms abound, offering a fascinating opportunity to see the abundance of crops that grow in California.

Central Valley cities such as Fresno and Modesto thrive on their love of Americana. This can be seen in the faithfully restored architecture and automobiles.

Wildlife is plentiful with millions of migrating ducks and geese visiting beautiful refuges in spring and fall.

On the eastern edge of this great valley lies Sacramento, about 90 miles inland from San Francisco. Sacramento is the state capital, and home to over two dozen museums, and a restored river-front district that hint at the city’s roots as a gold-rush boom town.

In fact, this region, stretching east into the Sierra foothills is called “The Gold Country”, home to towns such as Auburn and Grass Valley.

State parks here have excellent exhibits and displays explaining this important time in California’s history.

Visitors can even try panning for real gold.

The region also has a growing number of award-winning wineries that welcome visitors.

About two hours east of Sacramento in the high Sierra region is beautiful Lake Tahoe, a sapphire gem cradled by the Sierra Nevada Range.

Lake Tahoe, a year-round vacation paradise, boasts biking, boating and swimming in summer; in winter the fifteen resorts around the lake welcome skiers and snowboarders, while everyone enjoys lively base villages with spas, restaurants and nightlife.

About four hours south of Lake Tahoe is unforgettable Yosemite National Park, a World Heritage Site.

The park’s gigantic rock formation and magical waterfalls draw most of the crowds.

But wilderness seekers head to the park’s uncrowded eastern side, where alpine meadows are sprinkled with wildflowers.

Just south of Yosemite is Mammoth Lakes, a relaxed mountain town featuring Mammoth Mountain all season resort.

Now we travel to California’s Central Coast region, a land of unparalleled ocean beauty.

First stop is Monterey, where sea otters and other spectacular wildlife are on display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a highlight of historic Cannery Row.

Be sure to visit the nearby village of Carmel, by the sea, where artists love to capture the town’s breathtaking stretch of beach.

Heading south is one of the world’s most celebrated drives: the Pacific Coast Highway, a twisting route that accesses rugged Big Sur, with redwood and fog trimmed canyons.

Some of California’s most exclusive lodgings perch on these cliffs. But there are also exceptional campsites, and miles of hiking trails.

About two hours south of Carmel, Big Sur gives way to handsome coastal hills, one of the top California visited state parks: the extraordinarily opulent, Hearst Castle.


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1. The only things tourists can see in California is Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge and Disneyland. Is this true or false?

2. Can people try different foods in San Francisco?

3. Do tourists have to stay in hotels in Santa Cruz or the Napa Valley?

4. Only wines and cheeses from France and Italy and other European countries are superb. Yes or no?

5. Are there really big sights or objects in California?

6. Sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers like to travel to California. Is this correct or wrong?

7. Is California’s geography flat and plain? Does it have a diverse range of climates and landscapes?

8. California’s economy is only high-technology and TV and movies. Yes or no?

9. Do tourists have to travel on board a cruise liner to learn about ships?

10. What is special about the Joshua National Park?


A. Do you live in California? Have you or your friend visited California? Would you like to visit the state?

B. Would you like to visit all the places in the video or concentrate on some of them? What would you like to visit?

C. Would you prefer California or Europe or do both have their own charms?

D. I would like to live in California. Yes or no?

E. What is the future of California?


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