A Cake Decorator




cake decorate spend time
shop (2) finish (2) celebration
bake occasion buy/bought/bought
design amazing come/came/come
busy watch (2) special occasion
late order (3) take/took/taken
van wedding spend/spent/spent
balance (3)


Video (3:44 to 6:00)




Sally, Cake Decorator: “My name is Sally and I’m a cake decorator. I work in a shop, and I decorate and finish birthday cake, celebration cakes.”

Three cake decorators work in the cake shop with Sally. People come to the cake shop to buy cakes for birthdays, weddings or other special occasions.

They don’t bake the cakes in the shop, but they decorate them with amazing designs

People watch the cake decorators work.

Sally, Cake Decorator: “I love my job; every day is different. Every order we have here at the shop is different — so no day is ever the same.

I work nine to five, Monday to Friday. I don’t work late; I leave for work at seven o’clock in the morning. And I travel by van into work and it takes one hour, 20 minutes.”

When she’s not at work sally is very busy.

Sally, Cake Decorator: “I enjoy gardening and cooking at home, reading. I just enjoy spending time with my family.

I like my job. I love my time at home, so I do have a good work-life balance.”

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Barber, Hairdresser, Hairstylist. Sally makes wooden and bronze sculptures. True or false? What is Sally’s job? What is her profession?

Baker, Confectioner. Does she work at a large, medium-sized or small bakery?

Bus Driver, Truck Driver, Deliverer. People come to Sally’s shop to buy cakes and pastries, sit at tables and eat them with coffee. Is this right or wrong?

Construction Worker, Builder. Do she and her colleagues mix dough and bake cakes in oven, then decorate them?

Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter. Sally makes the same type of cake every day. Is this correct or incorrect? Do they work in a back kitchen?

Mechanic, Machinist. Does she start work at four o’clock in the morning, finish at about noon and go home? Does she work on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)?

Electronics Technician, Computer Technician. Does Sally live near her shop? Does she drive to work?

Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, IT Expert. In her free time, Sally goes bicycling and hiking in nature. Yes or no?
Cook, Chef, Waiter, Waitress. Are there many cake and pastry shops in your town, city and country?

Receptionist, Chambermaid, Porter. Have you bought and eaten decorative cakes on special occasions, such as birthday parties?

Engineer, Architect. Do you make cakes? Would you and your friends like to be a cake decorator?

Doctor, Nurse, X-Ray Technician. What might happen in the future?

Lawyer, Attorney, Paralegal. People should eat lots of cakes and pastries. Do you agree?

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