burn up call on

3. Break up Bring up

Call off Care for



but in bring back bring up (2)
call on burn down burn up (2)
burn out butter up break up (2)
call off calm down brush up on
catch up catch on care for (2)





Break Up

12. Break up (to separate, scatter)
The detergent broke up the stain on my shirt. What did the teacher do in class? What did police do at the football stadium? What happened at the bar? Why did these happen?

13. Break up (the splinting up of a boyfriend and girlfriend).
How many times has your friend broken up before getting married? Holly and Paul broke up. Why did they break up?

14. Bring back (return something).
Foreign archeologists have taken artifacts out the country. They should be brought back. What do you think?

Bring Up

15a. Bring up (introduce something during a discussion).
Is there something you want to bring up in a meeting? I want to bring up . . . . .

15b. Bring up (raise, care for in childhood).
Almost all children are brought up by their biological mothers and fathers. Is this correct or wrong?

16. Brush up on (review something studied before).
Do all your colleagues or classmates need to brush up on their English?

17. Burn down (burn houses, buildings to the ground).
What happened in Detroit and Los Angeles many decades ago? Why did this happen? Who was Herostratus?



Burn Up

18a. Burn up (destroyed by fire, go up in flames)
What happened to the books of the ancient library of Alexandria, Egypt? Can you think of priceless books and manuscripts that were burned up?

18b. Burn up (cause someone to become very angry.
Philip was burned up because . . . . . . Does your boss or teacher ever get burned up?

19. Burn out (overworked, exhausted from work)
I have felt burned out. True or false? What are some remedies for being burned out?

20. Butt in (an unwanted outsider joining in a conversation).
Has someone butted in one of your conversations? Have you butted in another group?

21. Butter up (fawning, flatter someone to get gain favors).
Cliff is buttering up to the boss. Why is he buttering up the boss? Describe someone who butters up.

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