The Running of the Bulls, 1



bull elsewhere see/saw/seen
fun sangria run/ran/run
funny excellent drink/drank/drunk
pride incredible see you there
cattle celebration good/better/best
joy spirit (2) atmosphere (2)
festival dress (2) recommend


Video 1: Running of the Bulls, one




“Running of the Bulls.”

“To have fun. To drink sangria.”

“It’s been a great day; an excellent day. Just a great day, great atmosphere, people everywhere. Yeah. I recommend it. Bull Running. See you there.”

“I want to see it. So many people. Everybody in white and red. And from everywhere.”

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Video 2




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Bull, Cow, Buffalo.
The San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) Festival is in the United States. True or false?

Horse, Donkey.
How do the people feel? Are they serious? Are they bored? Are they excited, energetic and thrilled?

Chicken, Rooster.
Is the place quiet? In the beginning before the bull run, what were the people doing?

Sheep, Goat.
The people at the festival are only from Spain. Is this right or wrong?

Duck, Goose.
Were people wearing business suits? What are they wearing? What color are people’s clothes?

What is the main event? Describe what happens. What happens in the festival?

Pheasant, Quail.
All the people in Pamplona participate in the Running of the Bulls. Everyone was running with bulls. Is this correct or incorrect?
Tortoise, Turtle.
Who participates in the Running of the Bulls? Who runs with the bull? Why do they run with bulls?

Frog, Toad.
My friends and I would like to run with bulls. Yes or no? Why do you want to run with bulls? Or why don’t you want to want to run with bulls?

Have you visited Spain? Would you like to visit the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona, Spain?

Does everyone like the Running of the Bulls Festival? What do you think about this event?

Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus. The Running of the Bulls festival has spread to the United States. Could it become popular in your country?

What might happen in the future?


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