Bulgarian Yogurt, one




local bright (2) Mandarin (2)
recipe market buy/bought/bought
supply find out find/found/found
smart reach (2) centenarians
dairy demand used to (2)
percent grow/grew/grown






Students in this Bulgarian town are learning Mandarin so they can welcome more Chinese tourists.

Veselina Radkova, Language Student: “Every friend from China is welcome in Momchilovtsi.”

The visitors love the local yogurt. China’s Bright Dairy bought Momchilovtsi’s yogurt recipe in 2009. And marketed it in China as a recipe for a longer life.

In 2016, sales in China reached $910 million.

Stanka Anastashova, Language Student: “The Chinese found out from us that we have many centenarians here. And they were smart enough to use this as advertisement, while here we are not used to advertising ourselves.

China is the world’s second biggest dairy market. Demand for yogurt is growing at 18% a year.

And Chinese tourists in Momchilovtsi still can’t get enough of it.

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Yogurt. Local residents of Momchilovtsi and Chinese tourists communicate entirely in English. True or false?

Hard Cheese. Are the locals xenophobic or do they welcome visitors?

Soft Cheese. Bulgarian dairy companies export (vast quantities of) yogurt to China. Is this right or wrong?

Butter. Is the Chinese yogurt and dairy market small, medium-sized or huge? Is dairy farming and manufacturing, sales and distribution a large industry?

Diary Cream. Did Bulgarians advertise, market and promote their yogurt in China?

Kefir. Is the popularity of yogurt in China increasing, decreasing or remaining the same?

Ghee. How is Momchilovtsi benefiting from their local yogurt?


Ice Cream. Yogurt is a popular food where I live. Yes or no? Are cheese, butter, dairy cream and buttermilk popular?

Parmesan Cheese. What foreign foods are popular in your city or country?

Whey. What are some unique or special tourist destinations?

Curds. Are there local products that could be marketed internationally?

Buttermilk. What might happen in the future?

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