Britney Spears judge

Judge Britney Spears




god cashier opportunity
wig believe (2) hear/heard/heard
fate respect meet/met/met
drunk in front of as soon as
admire look up to stand/stood/stood
way argument connection (2)
creepy glimpse explanation
hope in person shake/shook/shook
honor nervous win/won/won
fan (2) imagine pleasure (2)
circus dream (2) dream come true
ready good luck sing/sang/sung
luck bother (2) think/thought/thought (2)
lucky level (3) drink/drank/drunk
scream disaster heartbreaking
indeed appreciate give/gave/given (2)
plan take care come over (2)
define figure (3) uncomfortable (2)
idol (2) judge (2) disappointed
still (2)






Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: I can’t believe I’m meeting Britney Spears — it’s like meeting God. As soon as I heard that Britney Spears was going to be a judge, and I knew that I would get the opportunity to stand in front of her, I’m saying it was fate.

My name is Pat Ford. I’m twenty, and I’m from Derry, New Hampshire.

And I LOVE everything about Britney Spears.

I don’t think many people truly respect her on the level that I do, and actually admire her and look up to her in the same way that I do.

Woman: “You just feel a connection, right?”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “Yeah. I think she might be my sister. Do I look like her at all? All I need is a blond wig. Honestly, I thought about that, but I figured it would be too creepy.”

I would do anything just to get a glimpse of her in person. I’m gonna be shaking nervous when I’m that close to Britney. I can’t even imagine.

I hope Britney likes some flowers.

If I won the five million dollars, I’d live in a nice-ass house, driving a nice-ass car, and having a nice-ass girlfriend named Britney Spears.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “Hey Britney! Britney, Simon, LA, Demi nice to see you all!”

LA Reid, Judge: “Pleasure to meet you. What’s your name?”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “Pat Ford.”
LA Reid, Judge: “Who are the flowers for?”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “They’re for Miss Britney Spears, the one and only.

Britney, I love you. This is an honor just to be standing here in front of you. I’m a huge fan. This is a dream come true to even be so close to you.”

LA Reid, Judge: “Okay, what’s the song? What are you going to be singing?”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “I’m going to be singing Circus, by Britney.”
LA Reid, Judge: “Alright. Good luck.”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “You ready, Providence? You ready, Britney?”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Patrick Ford:

There’s only two types of people in the world:
The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe
Well, baby, I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl
Don’t like the back seat, gotta be first
I’m like the ring leader, I call the shots (Call the shots)
I’m like a firecracker, I make it hot
When I put on a show
I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I’m ready to break
I’m like a performer, the dance floor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that you feel the same
All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus
When I crack that whip everybody gon’ trip just like a circus
Don’t stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dance floor just like a circus
There’s only two types of guys out there . . .

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


LA Reid, Judge: “All right, I won’t even bother you. Simon what do you think?”
Simon Cowell, Judge: “It was like, you had an argument with Britney Spears, got drunk, and decided to scream the song at her.

That’s how it came over.”

Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “It wouldn’t happen. I would never argue with Britney. Never ever.

Britney, I LOVE you.”

Simon Cowell, Judge: “Uh . . . It’s a ‘no’ for me, Patrick.”
LA Reid, Judge: “Demi.”
Demi Lavato, Judge: “Nope.”
LA Reid, Judge: “It’s a “no” for me. Britney.”
Britney Spears, Judge: “No.”
LA Reid, Judge: “That’s four ‘no’s’.”

Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “That’s all you’ve got for me, Britney, just a ‘no’?”
Simon Cowell, Judge: “I think you’re lucky you just got a ‘no’.”

LA Reid, Judge: “Patrick. Pat, that’s four “no’s”.
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “Can I bring Britney her flowers, or is that a ‘no’ too?”
Simon Cowell, Judge: “Pat, give them to me, and I’ll give them to her.”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “Thank you, Simon, I appreciate it.”
Simon Cowell, Judge: “I got it. No problem. Thank you very much indeed. All right, take care.”
Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “Britney, I love you.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “That didn’t go as planned. It couldn’t have gone worse. It was a disaster.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Simon Cowell, Judge: “Oh my god. That defines the word, ‘uncomfortable’.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Patrick Ford, 20, Cashier: “I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to talk.”

I just wish she gave me more than a ‘no’; maybe an explanation, or like ‘I appreciate the flowers, but all she said was ‘no’.

It’s just heartbreaking because she is my idol. No, I have no words; I’m just disappointed.

The only word she said was ‘NO’.

I still love her. I still love her.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1/2. One-Half. In the beginning, Patrick Ford felt very, very tired and lethargic. True or false?

1/3. One-Third. Does he feel he is Britney Spears’ brother?

1/4. One-Fourth. Patrick likes Britney. Is this right or wrong?

1/5. One-Fifth. Did he bring a surprise onto the stage? What did he bring?

1/6. One-Sixth. Does Patrick enjoy Britney’s songs?

1/8. One-Eighth. Patrick finished singing the song. Is this correct or incorrect?

1/10. One-Tenth. The judges and audience loved Patrick’s singing. Yes or no?

1/100. One-One-Hundredth. In the end, was he enthusiastic and ecstatic (very, very happy)?
2/3. Two-Thirds. My friends and I have favorite singers. I admire some singers or musicians. Yes or no? Who are your favorite singer or musician?

2/5. Two-Fifths. Do you have favorite songs? What are your favorite songs?

3/4. Three-Fourths. Do famous or popular singers come to your city? Have you seen a famous singer? Who are some popular singers?

3/5. Three-Fifths. My friends and I have a big mp3 or mp4 collection.

4/5. Four-Fifths. I want to audition on the X-Factor. Yes or no? What about your friends?

5/6. Five-Sixths. Are some of your friends obsessed with a singer, actor or sportsperson?

9/10. Nine-Tenths. In the future, what might happen to Patrick?

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