The Box



smile audience health and safety
crisps come out kick off (3)
starve funny (2) put it away
magic popcorn feed/fed/fed
bit (2) sparkle credit crunch
awful off you go remember
chew bloody (2) keep/kept/kept (2)
hulk script make up (3)
laugh safe (2) come up with






Piers Morgan: Hello.
Performer: What I want to say to the audience, for health and safety, if anybody in the audience is eating crisps or chewing popcorn, put it away now.

Cause the animal I’m working with tonight has not been fed for two weeks.

And he’s starving.

He could be funny when he starts kicking off.

Tonight, I just want to do animal magic. I just want to put a bit of sparkle in everybody’s life, with the credit crunch.

Simon Cowell: Okay, off you go.
Participant: Thank you very much.

Ant and Dec: Go on there.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Amanda Holden: I’m sorry: what was that? Well, it was bloody aweful . . . Did you come on this last year?

David Watson: No, 2008.

Amanda: And you did David Blunkett? Because I kept looking at you thinking, ‘I remember him’. Do people know you’ve come out to do this today?

David Watson: Well, he’s actually made the script up . . .

Amanda Holden: What script?

David Watson: Well listen, I’ve altually put ideas towards . . .

Amanda Holde: What ideas?

Simon Cowell: Who came up with the idea of the Hulk in the box?

Participant: Actually, I came up with the idea, Simon, to make people laugh and smile.

And people are laughing tonight.

Simon Cowell: Laughing for the wrong reasons.

Amanda: Let’s vote: it’s a ‘no’ for me. Piers.
Piers: Not in a million years.
Simon: I’m going to say ‘yes’.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. The audience members should eat chips, biscuits and popcorn during the performance. True or false? Why did the performer say this?

2. Did the main performer walk onto the stage?

3. What happened during the act?

4. The audience loved the performance. Is this right or wrong?

5. What did the judges do?

6. This is the first time the man in the Hulk costume auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. What did they say about the act’s script and ideas?


A. What did you think was in the box? Did you feel scared or apprehensive?

B. Their performance was an absolute disaster. What do you think?

C. Have you seen similar performances?

D. I want to perform on Britain’s Got Talent! Yes or no?

E. What will happen to David Watson (the Hulk) in the future?

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