Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach




view reckon awesome
huge wave (3) come/came/come
relax swimsuit see/saw/seen
fitness crowded get/got/got
beach thing (2) good/better/best
beer sunburn beat/beat/beaten
babe weather experience
great push up year-round
sand mile (2) life guard
thrive surprise thunder (2)
local answer give/gave/given (2)
under welcome sunglasses
rescue whether down under
foam seagull beach blanket
towel coastline beach umbrella
gym culture swim trunks
round chin up exercise equipment
save look for believe (2)
bikini exercise bathing suit
tan suntan inflatable tube
barrel favorite changing room






If you only have time to visit one beach while you’re in Sydney, then Bondi is where you want to be. It has awesome views, huge waves, and it’s where people come to be seen.

And believe me, there’s a lot to see!

The beaches here can get really crowded ,which can be a bad thing if you just come and come and relax but.

It also can be a good thing if you like boobies and butts.

Beachgoer: “G’day. Welcome to Bondi Beach. The best thing I reckon would be the beers the barrels the babes; can’t beat them.”

With great weather year-round and miles and miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that Sydney has a thriving beach culture.

If you ask, every local will give you a different answer for which beach is their favorite.

But as a tourist, Bondi will give you that thunder from down under experience that you may or may not be looking for.

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Beach, Shoreline, Coastline. Bondi Beach is in Valencia, Spain. True or false?

Museum, Art Gallery. Is Bondi Beach beautiful? Is Bondi Beach very scenic?

Church, Cathedral. At Bondi Beach, people only swim in the ocean. Is this right or wrong? Is swimming the only sport or activity at Bondi Beach?

Lighthouse. Is the air still or is it windy at Bondi Beach?

Palace. Did they show lots of fish swimming in the water? Were there any animals in the video?

Castle, Fortress. Bondi Beach is not very popular. Is this correct or incorrect?

City Square, City Center, Plaza. Are most of the beach-goers at Bondi Beach fat or obese?

Market, Marketplace, Bazaar. Do people go to Bondi Beach only in summer?

Boutique. Is the presenter very fit and strong? Is he in-shape or out-of-shape?
Souvenir Stand, Souvenir Stall, Souvenir Shop. I go to the beach. Yes or no? I always / usually / frequently / often / sometimes / occasionally / rarely or never go to the beach.

Shop, Store. Are beaches popular? Do people like going to the beach? What are some popular or favorite beaches? What’s your favorite beach?

Concert Hall, Opera House, Opera Theater. What do people do at beaches?

Ballet, Drama, Symphony Orchestra.
Are there any problems with beaches or going to the beach?

Folk Dance, Folk Music. What might happen in the future?

Tour, Bus Tour, Tour Guide. What could or should people or governments do?

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