boeing and embraer

Boeing and Embraer



decade joint (2) collaboration
rapid demand transport
acquire regional sharp (2)
series response regulatory
aircraft deal (2) joint-venture
hope strategic partnership
set up forecast accelerate
rise share (3) growth (2)
aisle approval promote (2)
venture compete subject to
expand takeover shareholder


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Boeing has been successful producing large aircrafts for decades. Now the company’s collaboration with Embraer will help it to better compete in the rapidly expanding market for regional jets.

Under the plan, Boeing will acquire an eighty percent (80) share of the new joint-venture for $4.2 billion, and Embraer the rest.

The two companies hope their strategic partnership will help accelerate growth on the global market.

Embraer is forecasting a sharp rise in demand for regional jets of up to a hundred-fifty (150) seats in the next two decades, especially in China.

It’s been promoting its new E-2 single-aisle jet.

The two plane makers have also set up a separate joint-venture to produce Embraer’s new military transport plane, the KC-390.

Both deals are still subject to approval by Brazil’s government, shareholders and regulatory authorities.

Boeing’s collaboration with Embraer is also a response to the takeover of production of Bombardier’s C series regional jets by rival Airbus earlier this year.


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1. Boeing and Embraer are aerospace companies the produce identical products and directly compete with each other. True or false?

2. Will Boeing acquire, merge with, takeover, have a joint-venture, collaboration, partnership with Embraer, or all of the above?

3. Do the companies see this as win-win situation or a zero-sums game?

4. Is the demand for regional jets projected to increase gradually?

5. Embraer only specializes in mid-sized civilian, passenger airplanes. Is this right or wrong?

6. Because the deals are mutually beneficial, it will automatically go through. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Did Boeing feel pressured to take action?


A. Are there many airports in your country? Do many airline companies serve cities in your country?

B. People love flying and traveling by airplane. Yes or no?

C. What sort of airplanes are there? What kind of military aircraft are there?

D. Which market is bigger, domestic or international flights and services?

E. Is your city or country involved in aircraft manufacturing?

F. What will happen in the future?

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