body torso limbs

The Body

Torso and Limbs, I


body limbs thumb
neck chest shoulders
back waist stomach
skin hand finger
fist palm middle finger
toe wrist fingernail
leg torso foot/feet
hips arms thighs
knee elbow







A. Body, Torso

1. The human body is the most incredible, amazing “machine”. Do you agree? Give examples.

2. Most body armor covers only the torso. Why does body armor only cover the torso (and head)?

3. What can you say about a giraffe?

4. I have had a massage treatment. Someone massaged my shoulders and back. Yes or no? If yes, what happened?

5. What does Tarzan or a gorilla do?

6. Smoking causes hairy chests and arms. Hairy chests and arms is caused by smoking. True or false?

7. The bookshops are filled with books on how to have a narrow waist, hips, and a flat stomach. There are many book on how to have a narrow waist, hips, and a flat stomach. True or false?

8. Have your parents or grandparents complained about backaches? How do they remedy that?

9. Is it possible to smooth wrinkled skin?

B. Limbs: Arms, Legs

10. How many limbs do you have? How many limbs do insects (ants, flies), octopuses, and spiders have?

11. What do you think of arm tattoos? What do you think of muscular arms, flabby arms, hairy arms?

12. Joseph wants muscular arms. How can he have muscular arms?

13. It’s bad manners to place your elbows on the dining table. Do you agree?



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