body torso and limbs

The Body

Torso and Limbs, II



body limbs thumb
neck chest shoulders
back waist stomach
skin hand finger
fist palm middle finger
toe wrist fingernail
leg torso foot/feet
hips arms thighs
knee elbow


C. Hands, Fingers, Thumbs

14. Who among your friends is good with their hands (in art, technology, machines)?

15. Do you prefer theoretical lessons, hands-on practice, or both?

16. My friends love finger-foods. Yes or no? Give examples.

17. Is there someone who can read palms?

18. “Thumbs up” means………. What does “thumbs down” mean?

19. Do people in your country give the middle-finger? If yes, is this a tradition or is it new?

20. Nail treatment, manicures, and nail salons are big business. Do you agree? Can manicurists make big money? what do they do?

D. Legs, Feet, Toes

21. Is it acceptable (okay) for people to wear shorts or skirts (and display their legs) in public?

22. What do you think of Bigfoot? Do you think Bigfoot is real?

23. You must wear warm shoes or boots in winter. Why?

24. What are some common sports injuries? Why do they happen? How can they be presented or cured?

25. Arm muscles (biceps and triceps) are stronger than thigh muscles. True or false?

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