body parts

The Body, I

Head and Face

Vocabulary words relating to body parts.

Head and Face

face head forehead
hair nose stubble
ears mouth tooth/teeth
jaw eyes eyebrow
chin beard mustache
lips haircut hairstyle
ring headache sombrero
stress scissors hair trimmer
barber hairstylist beauty salon
poncho tutor online lessons





A. The Head

1. “Two heads are better than one.” What does this mean? Give examples.

2. Do your friends ever complain of headaches? What causes headaches? What can cure headaches?

3. I (my friend) gets a haircut once a month. Is this right or wrong? How often do you get a haircut or hairstyling?

4. What hairstyles are popular these days? Do many people dye their hairs? Is hair-dying or coloring popular? If yes, which colors?

5. Is long hair fashionable among men? Was it popular before? Do you know any men with long hair? What do you think of men with long hair?

6. “You have two ears and one mouth.” Or “God gave you two ears and one mouth.” What does this mean? Give examples.


7. How do you prefer to communicate with people, by telephone, smart phone, texting, email, snail mail, chatting, webcam, Skype; or face to face?

8. Which celebrities (actors, actresses, pop singers, models, athletes) have beautiful or handsome faces?

9. Does your friend wear earrings? What can you say about women and men who wear earrings?

B. Upper Face

10. A person wrinkles his forehead. What does this mean?

11. My friend pencils her eyebrows. Yes or no? Do you know anyone who has thinned their eyebrows?

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