body parts 2

The Body, II

Head and Face

Vocabulary words relating to body parts.

Head and Face

face head forehead
hair nose stubble
ears mouth tooth/teeth
jaw eyes eyebrow
chin beard mustache





12. I can tell what people are thinking by their eyes. Yes or no?

13 My friend wears a nose ring. Yes or no? If yes, what’s his or her job? What do people think of nose rings and nose jewelry?

14. Can you smell well or has your sense of smell diminished? Can your friend smell well?

15. Eyeglasses are fashionable. True or false? Do your friends wear glasses? Have glasses always been fashionable?

C. Lower Face

16. In your opinion, which actresses, singers or models have nice lips?

17. Who in your class or workplace has a bigmouth? Describe him or her What do they talk about?




18. In some places, people have no cavities (they have healthy teeth). In other places people have bad teeth. Why?

19. What’s the difference between an actor with a “strong” chin and one with a “weak” chin?

20. Describe Jaws.

21. Beards and mustaches are very popular nowadays. True or false? Was there a time when beards or mustaches were very popular? Do you know anyone with a beard or mustache?

22. What do you associate with mustaches? What do you think when you see a man with a mustache? What is your first impression of a man with a beard?

23. Should a male employee come with work with a stubble? Are stubbles becoming more popular?

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