body adjectives

Physical Adjectives;

Animal Features


Body Adjectives

fat obese overweight
short skinny underweight
dark tanned light/fair
tall slim/thin medium height





A. Physical Descriptions

1. There are more overweight and obese people now than thirty years ago. True or false? Why or why not?

2. Describe fashion models and actresses and actors. What do they look like? Is this controversial?

3. Describe people in summertime and wintertime. Do people look the same or do they look different in the summer?

4. Are presidents and prime ministers usually tall, medium-height, short, or it doesn’t matter? What about actors, actresses and models?

5. There are physical differences between older and younger generations. Yes or no?

Animal Features

fur horn fangs
tail claws whiskers
fins wings feathers
hoof tusks stinger



B. Defensive Parts

6. Which animals have horns or tusks?

7. Is trading in tusks good or bad?

8. Which animals have stingers? Has your friend ever been stung?

9. What do vampires look like? Describe vampires.

10. What happens when someone turns into a werewolf?

C. Other

11. My friend like to stroke cat and dog fur. Yes or no?

12. In my language the words for “mustache” and “whiskers” are the same. True or false?

13. Do some men have ponytails? Do you know any man who has a ponytail?

14. Do you wish you had wings? What would happen if people had wings?

15. Compare writing today with writing 150 years ago.

16. What would happen if beachgoers saw a fin moving through the water surface?


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