blue collar jobs

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Blue Collar Work, 1


A. General Terms

laborer president white-collar worker
educated professional high school dropout
manager employee unskilled worker
boss skilled worker semi-skilled worker
owner employer blue-collar worker


Employees, Workers

1. In the past, there was a big demand for laborers. Nowadays there isn’t a big demand for unskilled laborers. Is this correct or wrong?

2. Are most unskilled workers in your country migrants?

3. Can semi-skilled workers have a middle-class life?

4. Some (or many) blue-collar workers earn more than white-collar workers. What do you think?

5. There are too many university educated individuals and not enough skilled workers. Do you agree?

Employers, Professionals

6. Is it better to be an employer or an employee? Would you rather be an employer or an employee? Does your friend want to be an employer or an employee?

7. Do you know of any high school dropouts who have succeeded?

8. What will happen if many professionals emigrate?

9. Everyone dreams of being their own boss. No one likes having a boss. True or false?

10. Does the often president come by and see how things are coming along? Do you like this?

11. My goal is to become a manager in my company. Yes or no?




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