blind taste test

Blind Taste Test



blind theme freestyle
chili guess blindfold
filet pickle gherkin
mint tonic anchovy
yuck again vinegar
lime candy pop (2)
sour taste hot (2)





Hi guys, it’s Emily.

And this week’s theme on Seven Super Girls is freestyle. So I’m going to be doing a blind taste test.

My sister Ruby is going to be giving me five drinks and five foods, and I’m going to have a blindfold on. I’m going to have to guess what they are.

So let’s get started!

Ruby: Number one: vinegar.

Ruby: Number one. Drink it.
Emily: I can’t — it stinks…Yuck! Is that vinegar?
Ruby: Yeah.

Ruby: Number two: pickled gherkins

Ruby: Number two.
Emily: Is that a gherkin?
Ruby: Yeah.
Emily: I like gherkins.

Ruby: Number three: Indian tonic water.

Ruby: Number three.
Emily: Is that Fanta…orange.
Ruby: No.
Emily: What is it?
Ruby: Indian tonic water.

Ruby: Number four: anchovy fish fillets.
Emily: Yuck! What is that? No!
Ruby: Again Emily.
Emily: No, no! What is that? Oooo! . . . . It tastes like cat food!

Ruby: Number five: mint sauce.

Ruby: Number five.
Emily: Yuck. Is that mint sauce?
Ruby: Yes.

Ruby: Number six: lime.

Ruby: Number six.
Emily: Yuck! That’s sour — is that lemon?
Ruby: No.
Emily: Lime.
Ruby: Yeah.

Ruby: Number seven: coffee.

Ruby: Number seven.
Emily: Is that coffee?
Ruby: Yeah.

Ruby: Number eight: popping candy.

Ruby: Number eight. Open your mouth. Open your mouth.
Emily: Ul, what’s that? What is that? Don’t like it! Ul! Tastes like . . . . .

Ruby: Number nine: Dr. Pepper.

Ruby: Number nine.
Emily: Is that Kool Aid?
Ruby: No.

Ruby: Number ten: chili.

Ruby: Number ten. Take it.
Emily: Oh, hot hot. What is that? Oh my gosh that’s so hot. Oh my goodness, is that chili. Oh, it’s everywhere! Oh my goodness it’s burning my teeth. It’s burning my mouth. Oh my gosh, it’s so hot.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The theme of this video was “What I eat for lunch.” True or false? What was the theme of this video?

2. Did Emily like the vinegar and mint sauce? How did Emily react to the vinegar and mint sauce?

3. Ruby fed Emily cat food. Is this correct or incorrect? What were they? Did Emily like it?

4. Did popping candy tastes delicious to Emily?

5. What was the most profound food? Which food gave Emily the strongest reaction?

6. Is Emily familiar with coffee? Does she know the taste of coffee?

7. How did Emily do on the taste test? Did she do well, poorly or average?
A. Have you tasted all the foods in the video?

B. My friends and I have taken a blind taste test. Yes or no?

C. Which are your favorite foods?

D. Which foods do you dislike?

E. Are there food that you though were yucky, but when you tried it or tasted it, it was delicious?



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