birthday party

A Birthday Party, I





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1. Was the birthday party at home or a shopping center?

2. They ate hamburgers. Yes or no?

3. The birthday party had a Batman theme. Yes or no?

4. Did the children play? What did the children do?

5. Were the children angry, happy or sad?
A. Did you play in a rubber ball room?

B. How old are you?

C. I have birthday parties. Yes or no?

D. How many people came to your birthday party?

E. Were there any decorations? What kind of decorations were there?

F. Was there lots of food? What did you eat? What kind of food was there?

G. I got presents. Yes or no? If yes, what kind of presents did you receive?

H. Did you play games or dance? Was there any music?

I. I go to my friends’ birthday parties. Yes or no?

J. Did you sing song? What songs do you sing at birthday parties? Can you sing “Happy Birthday to You”?

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