biggest problem

The Number One Challenge



cost thing (2) entrepreneur
AI advance regulation
tax hold (2) complicated
size level (2) multinational corporation
form priority bombard
gossip coworker notification
shape colleague breaking (2)
face (2) hike (2) ultimately
achieve stunt (2) productivity
require delegate distraction
list antidote employee
task challenge concentrate
focus eliminate outsource
value move on accomplish
prevent manner (2)

Do you know the #1 challenge facing today’s entrepreneurs — or any business or employee?
No, it’s not the rising cost of advertising, advances in social media and AI, ever more complicated regulations, tax hikes, or even the rise of the multinational corporations.


These come in all sizes, shapes and forms.

Every day we are bombarded with distractions, from co-workers gossiping, to friends asking for “just a minute” of our time, to message notifications, to “important” emails, to phone calls, to breaking news stories, to sexy colleagues and visitors.

And all of these distractions are holding us back from getting things done — and ultimately achieving success.
They stunt our development personally and professionally and prevent us from reaching that next level of productivity required to truly have it all.

Perhaps the most famous antidote to distractions is prioritization.

To do this, make a list of everything that you need to get done. Number them in terms of their value. Then start on task number one. Focus and concentrate on it; do nothing else. Only after that first task is completed do you move on to task number two. If necessary, eliminate, delegate or outsource those that are minor in value.

In this manner, you should accomplish more in less time.


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1. According to the text, the underlying problem for most businesses is technological changes. True or false? What are “lesser” business problems?

2. What are examples of distractions in the workplace?

3. Are these minor or serious impediments to accomplishing our goals?

4. Entrepreneurs should busy themselves with paperwork. Is this right or wrong?

5. Should people multitask?

6. What should people do with “minor” unimportant tasks?


A. Are people in your company or organization very active and productive? Are they working all the time, most of the time, half-half, 50/50, some of the time or never?

B. What are some distractions that you see among your coworkers?

C. Are worker distractions a serious waste? Do they cost the company a lot of money?

D. What may happen in the future?

E. How can distractions be eliminated or reduced?

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