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faith remote stumble across
creek keep (2) stand/stood/stood (2)
cage bulldozer drive/drove/driven (2)
guy journey find/found/found
series legend committee
search start it off stumble upon
genius cast (2) make/made/made
boss looks like in a stroke of
load footprint meet/met/met (2)
huge goodness know/knew/known
tale creature must have
ape model (3) consciousness
arm squad remain (2)
gaga flock in take off (3)
rifle flock (2) come out (2)
wood reward enthusiast
sight mad (2) set ablaze
clay stroke (2) bombshell (2)
bit (2) log (2) say/said/said
hoax solution head-scratching
insist match (3) to this day
claim scratch foot/feet (2)
evidence Sasquatch






The next stop of Mark Evans Bigfoot journey is to the very place where the faith was born more than 50 years ago.

Willow Creek Northern California.

They even keep this cage standing by for the big guy.

It was near here on a remote logging road in 1958 that a bulldozer driver named Jerry Crew found a series of huge footprints — and a legend was born.

Mark Evans, Investigative Journalist: “So you, Mr. Jerry Crew, started it off.

A humble bulldozer driver stumbles across some very human looking footprints. Now that is the cast they made in 1958.

And in a stroke of absolute genius, the local newspaper, the Humboldt Times must have scratched their heads, had committee meetings and goodness knows what.

‘What do we call this thing, that stands on feet so huge?

I know: Bigfoot.’”

News Anchor: “Tall creatures . . . or tall tales?”

Local Resident One: “Looks like an ape.”
Local Resident Two: “Long arms.”
Local Resident Three: “It looks like a man, but tall.”

The public consciousness was set ablaze. And ever since America has been gaga for this big-footed legend.

News Reporter: “Every night squads of men with loaded rifles take off in search of Bigfoot.”

Over the years, enthusiasts flocked in.

Mark Evans, Investigative Journalist: “Thousand dollar reward for solution of Bigfoot.”

More creatures sighted.

Mark Evans, Investigative Journalist: “He went mad here; it simply went mad.”

And many a footprint was cast.

Mark Evans, Investigative Journalist: “It looks as if it’s been made in a kindergarten clay modeling session.”

Then came a bit of a bombshell when Jerry Crew’s boss, Ray Wallace, died in 2002.

Mark Evans, Investigative Journalist: “Ray’s family suddenly came out and said, ‘Actually it’s all a big hoax because Ray had made two, huge, wooden feet and had made the footprints.’

I bet that caused some head-scratching.”

The head scratching continues to this day, with many insisting that the wooden feet don’t match the prints Jerry Crew found, and that the Wallace hoax claim is in itself a hoax.

Fifty years later footprints remains some of the most important evidence for Sasquatch.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Head. A reporter visited San Francisco, California. True or false? Is Willow Creek a village, town or city?

Hair. In the Willow Creek, are there lots of folklore, symbols and advertisement about Bigfoot?

Body. Is there a jail for criminals outside a motel (motor hotel)?

Shoulder. What is Willow Creek known for? Why is Willow Creek so famous?

Chest. Did zoologists and anthropologists see Bigfoot footprints?

Arm, Elbow. The journalist visited a police station. Is this right or wrong?

Hand, Finger, Thumb. Why is the name of the creature “Bigfoot”?

Stomach. Do local residents know exactly what Bigfoot is?

Back. What happened in 2002? Has the mystery of Bigfoot been solved?
Eyes. My friends and I have heard of Bigfoot. Yes or no?

Nose. What do you think about the Bigfoot film and stories about Bigfoot? Is Bigfoot real or is it just a legend or a bear?

Mouth, Lips, Teeth. There are mysterious creatures in my country. Or there are legends of creatures in our folklore. True or false?

Ears. What would happen if Bigfoot is tamed, domesticated or befriends humans?

Chin. Will Bigfoot remain a mystery forever? What might happen in the future?

What should people do?

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