Bigfoot, one




fossil region (2) anthropology
strong creature think/thought/thought (2)
erect cover (2) know/knew/known
skunk record (2) foot/feet (2)
exact variously stand/stood/stood (2)
report horrible see/saw/seen
ape bipedal tell/told/told
rip terrified chance (2)
apart human presumption
hurt sound (2) make/made/made
noise mournful presumably
howl scream bloodcurdling
wail notably distinctive
ridge sergeant come/came/come
allege up there hear/heard/heard
lower cast (2) description
jaw science pound (3)
cave produce comfort (2)
beast extinct go/went/gone
bit (2) primate for our own comfort
hunt trap (2) wilderness
stalk recently write/wrote/written
wild fair (3) account (2)






Dr. Grover Krantz, Anthropologist: “I think Bigfoot is an animal that we already know from the fossil record.

It’s a fair presumption that this was an erect, bipedal animal standing perhaps eight feet (2.44 meters) tall weighing about eight hundred (800) pounds (363 kilograms) and being now presumably covered with hair.

And this of course is an exact description of the living Sasquatch.”

Dispatcher: “What are you reporting?”
Police: “We’ve got something out here.”
Dispatcher: “Did you see what it was? Was it a person or animal?”
Police: “I can’t tell.”

It is known by many different names: Sasquatch . . . Yeti . . . Chiye-Tanka . . . Skunk Ape . . . Yowie . . .

It has terrified people for over 400 years.

Man, One: “He’s up to rip people apart if he gets a chance.”

Journalist: “What do you think they ought to do about him?”
Woman, Two: “Kill him; he might hurt somebody.”

Sheriff: “It was walking — very much like a human.”

Dispatcher: “What’s going on, sir?”
Caller: “It’s about six-foot nine (206 cm); I don’t know.”
Dispatcher: “Do you see him now, sir?”
Caller: “Yes. It’s out here all day.”
Dispatcher: “Oh, oh.”
Caller: “Get somebody out here.”

The creature known as Bigfoot is alleged to make a distinctive noise. It is variously described as a bloodcurdling scream, a howl — and notably, as a mournful wail.

Police Sargeant Ken Cooper: “I was coming down north on this road here . . . and I heard some noise screaming back in here. And the noise that was coming from that creature is what was on the recorder here:”

Male Witness: “We saw it coming up over that ridge up there — it made the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Dr. Grover Krantz, Anthropologist: “This is a cast of the lower jaw of a what we call the Gigantopithecus.

Richard Conniff, Science and Nature Writer: “In this region the caves have produced teeth of a primate Gigantopithecus which may have gone extinct as recently as ten thousand years ago.

It was just a bit too much like us for our own comfort.”

Dr. Grover Krantz, Anthropologist: “It’s a fair presumption that this was an erect, bipedal animal standing perhaps eight feet tall, weighing about eight hundred pounds and being presumably covered with haired.

And this of course is an exact description of the living Sasquatch”

In his 1893 book, The Wilderness Hunter, President Theodore Roosevelt wrote of two trappers who were reportedly stalked — and one of them killed — by a tall bipedal creature with a strong, wild, beast odor.

Some believe it was the first written account of a Bigfoot a killing a human.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Head. Bigfoot is small, like a monkey. True or false?

Hair. Have many people seen Bigfoot? Do they know what he, she or it is?

Eyes. It has only one name: Bigfoot. Is this right or wrong? Have people known about Bigfoot since the 1950s?

Mouth. According to witnesses, does Bigfoot walk and run on four legs, like a cat, dog, cow, horse or ape?

Face. Bigfoot makes a sound like a bear or gorilla. Is this correct or incorrect?

Neck. Do only ordinary people know and talk about Bigfoot? Are only regular people aware of a strange creature?

Body. Is Bigfoot very strong? Can Bigfoot be dangerous?

What do you think Bigfoot is? Is Bigfoot real, a hoax, a bear or an illusion?

Stomach. I have heard of Bigfoot before. Yes or no?

Back. Are there stories or sightings of (big, hairy), unknown creatures in your country?

Arm, Elbow, Hands, Fingers. If Bigfoot were domesticated or befriends people, what could happen?

Legs, Knee, Foot, Feet, Toes. What might happen in the future?

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