bicycle stunts and tricks

Bicycle Stunts and Tricks



fit (2) have fun ride/rode/ridden
stay (2) thing (2) get out (2)
enjoy chore (2) do/did/done
seem exciting meet/met/met
luck deserve feel/felt/felt
pal have fun know/knew/known
hope do justice absolutely
silly go out (3) on your mark, get set, go
stunt mistake I’m dying to
fall off accident here we go
guy fantastic sensational
part of audience on their feet
keep fit freaking tell/told/told
vote original it was like
unique awesome incredible
fan (2) massive as long as
circus show (2) come back






Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “Bikes are my life, really. I ride nearly every day, and whenever I can, I just enjoy being out of the box. It’s not like a chore that I have to do.

Some people stay inside and play computer games and things, and I just want to get out on my bike and have fun.

On weekends I ride for up to ten hours a day, maybe, even more . . . You can ride to keep fit and to enjoy it and then to meet others. When I ride my bike I just feel relaxed.

I just love riding; like I said, it’s part of my life and . . . I don’t know; It’s just what I do, and I’ve always done it. It seems that NOT riding my bike is not good.”

Ant, Side Host: “Good luck, pal.”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “Thanks.”
Dec, Side Host: “Have fun out there.”

Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “So I hope I do justice. As long as I don’t fall off or make silly mistakes, I do okay.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Joe Oakley, Cyclist:”Hi.”
Judge Michael: “Hi. Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent.”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “Joe Oakley.”
Judge Michael: “Where are you from, Joe?”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “I’m from Nottingham.”
Judge Michael: “And what are you doing for us?”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “I’m gonna be performing stunts on my bike.”
Judge Michael: “Alright, we’re dying to see your act.”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “Thank you very much.”
Judge Michael: “On your bike.”

Ant and Dec: “Oh-oh. Here we go.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Judge Michael: “Joe, that was sensational. It was almost like you and the bike were one.

And when you went out, it looked like there was an accident. But then you came back and it was very, very, very exciting.

The audience were on their feet, which you deserve.

Judge Michael: “David.”

Judge David: “Who were those guys?”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “One’s my dad and one’s my friend.”
Judge Michael: “Well, man, I’m telling you it was absolutely original, unique and FANTASTIC for this show.

Judge Michael: “Okay Joe, we’re going to take a vote. David.”
Judge David: “Awesome. Absolutely ‘yes’.”
Judge Michael: “Amanda Holden.”
Judge Amanda: “You were absolutely brilliant. It’s a ‘yes’ for me, Joe. Thank you.”
Judge Michael: “Uh Joe. I think it’s three big ‘yeses’. Congratulations.”

Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “YEAH!”

Ant and Dec: “David is a massive fan. That was awesome!”
Joe Oakley, Cyclist: “That’s not a bad thing.”
Ant and Dec: “Is that not a bad thing?”

Judge David: “That was incredible. Really in a freaking circus.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Joe Oakley rides his bicycle once a week, on Saturday afternoons. True or false? Do most people come outside, ride bikes, roller skate and go for walk?

2. Is riding a bike difficult, boring, grueling and tedious for Joe?

3. Joe Oakley is a very interesting speaker. People love to hear him speak about his life. Is this right or wrong?

4. Were there three bicyclists performing in the first act? What happened?

5. Joe rode around in circles on the stage. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Was he on stage the entire time of his performance?

7. What did the judges and audience think of Joe and his performance? How did they feel?


A. My friends and I have bicycles. Most people in my town or city have bikes. Is this correct or incorrect?

B. Cycling popular. Yes or no? Is your city bicycle friendly? Does it have many bike lanes?

C. Do you see bicycle, skateboard and roller-skate stunts in parks?

D. Are cycling tours popular? What are some scenic bike routes?

E. What might happen in the future?

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