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My Best Friend

I have several friends, both at school, and in my neighborhood.

But my best friend of all is Kai. We have known each other since we were three (our mothers are good friends).

At School

Kai and I go to the same school, though this year, we are in different classes.

During recess, Kai and our other friends run around in the playground. We also play with marbles and share and read comic books.

At lunchtime, all the students eat together in the cafeteria.

After School

After school, we go to the park and ride swings or and play soccer

Centers and Clubs

On Mondays and Wednesdays, Kai and I attend an English class at a language center.

Other times we go to a youth club. There we paint, do arts and crafts, sing and perform folk dances. They also take us on excursions to natural and historical places.

Malls and Movies

On Saturdays, Kai and I often go to a shopping mall (there are three in our city) together with our parents and walk and shop around. We might buy new clothes or comics and magazines. We might watch a movie. For lunch, we have a pizza.


Sometimes, Kai comes over to my house. There we eat cherries and bananas and watch TV or play computer games. I also visit Kai’s house.

And on several occasions, I have slept over at Kai’s house.

Yes, Kai and I have lots of fun together!

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1. Kai is the writer’s best friend. True or false?

2. Did they meet at school? Are Johan and Kai in the same class?

3. After school, they only watch TV. Yes or no?

4. Do Johan and Kai only study English at school?

5. What do they do at the youth club?

6. On Saturday, they stay home. Is this correct or wrong?

7. Do Kai and Johan only meet at school and the shopping mall?


A. Do you have any friends? How many friends do you have?

B. Who is your best friend? Where did you meet?

C. Do you attend the same school? Are you in the same class?

D. What do you do together?

E. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have any friends?

F. Is it important to have friends?

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