beijing tour one

Beijing Tour, one



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Today I’m getting a VIP tour of Beijing to see some of this city’s biggest sights: Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and . . . some Peking duck.

Here’s a fun fact: Tiananmen Square is the largest city center square in the entire world. And it’s impressive to see how many people have come from all over China — and the world — to experience this iconic square.

As you walk towards the north end of Tiananmen Square, you’re greeted by Tiananmen Gate, the entrance of the Forbidden City.

Wow! This place is massive!

There are over eight-thousand rooms in the Forbidden City. So to put that into perspective, you could stay in a different room every night, and not stay in the same room for 24 years!

Now that we’ve explored the Forbidden City, we’re going to get a bird’s eye view from the highest point in Beijing — Jingshan Park.

From up here, you not only get the best view of the Forbidden City, but quite possibly all of Beijing.

Not only do I get to see all the big sights, but I also get to check out a jade carving factory.

Here in the factory you can see how they shave and carve and smooth out the jade. There’s so much time and energy put into making just one piece.

With all this exploring, we’ve worked up quite an appetite.

So for lunch, we’re enjoying Beijing’s most famous cuisine, the Peking duck.

Um. It’s delicious!

We’ve made it. The final stop of the day; it’s time to explore The Great Wall of China.

This portion of the wall is the most preserved, even though it was built over five-hundred years ago, during the Ming Dynasty.

I’ve been to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, tried Peking duck, and now I’m standing on The Great Wall of China.

This has been the experience of a lifetime.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. What are the four most famous attractions of Beijing?

2. Is St. Peter’s Square in Rome bigger than Tiananmen Square?

3. The Forbidden City is adjacent to Tiananmen Square. Yes or no?

4. Is the Forbidden City big? How big is it?

5. Jingshan Park is flat. True or false?

6. Does it take a lot of talent and ability to create jade ornaments?

7. The Great Wall of China is far from Beijing. Is this right or wrong?


A. Are you from Beijing? Do you live in Beijing? Have you ever been to Beijing?

B. There are only four tourist attractions in Beijing. Is this correct or incorrect? What other attractions are there?

C. What other cities are you familiar with? What attractions does it have?

D. Cities and towns must preserve all historical buildings, monuments and houses. What do you think?

E. What will Beijing or your city be like in the future?

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