Batgirl Lavender Lilac

Batgirl and Louise Lilac



extract instantly transformation
secret basement begin/began/begun
dire dilemma seventh sense
unique defunct tell/told/told
grab horn (2) bring/brought/brought
invade hostage commissioner
scent process tantalizing
boil blossom apparently
cellar face (2) knock out
pump emerge lock them up
vat fragrance believe (2)
spray wear off get/got/gotten
tough lock up take care of
mob lavender pick up (3)
odd grateful round them up
alive get out







Barbara Gordon begins her tantalizing transformation.

And shortly emerges from her secret exit as Batgirl.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Next Batgirl. And finally the police.

Commissioner Gordon: “News travels fast, Batgirl.”
Batgirl: “And apparently Batman and Robin even faster.”
Commissioner Gordon: “Some seventh sense must have told them the dire dilemma facing Gotham City.”
Chief O’Hara: “They’re right. And brought them home.”
Commissioner Gordon: “Well, if they’re inside this defunct factory, perhaps we can help them.

Flanagan, the horn.

Louie Lilac.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Louie Lilac: “It’s lilac time for you commissioner. Dick Grayson.”

Batgirl: “Batman and Robin can’t be inside, yet.”

Louie Lilac’s Henchman: “The Batmobile is out there, and that purple putt-putt of Batgirl’s.”

Batgirl: “And Batgirl is in here!”

Louie Lilac: “Grab em! Grab em!”

Louie Lilac: “Now I have three hostages. If anyone tries to invade this place, they will die. Instantly!

Louise, what do you call the process for extracting the scent from a blossom?

Bar all entrances. Not the cellar. Into the basement. They will be greeted by a unique new fragrance.”

Louie Lilac will shortly pump boiling oil.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Louie Lilac: “Okay, untie them. Give them two glasses of warm water, and lock them in the basement.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Louie Lilac: “Get them! Get em! Get um!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Batman: “Tell me something Batgirl, how did you get out of that vat?”
Batgirl: “With my Batgirl Bat-Opener . . . after Louie’s knock out spray wore off. We’d better get Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson—they’re locked in the basement.”
Batman: “Uh, we’ll take care of that Batgirl; you’ve had a tough day. You go outside and get Commissioner Gordon in here to pick up this lavender mob.”
Batgirl: “Right.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Chief O’Hara: “Alright men round them up. Take them over there.

Commissioner Gordon: “Believe me, we’re all grateful that you’re still alive.
Chief O’Hara: “Where are Batman and Robin?”
Commissioner Gordon: “Say, that’s right.”
Batgirl: “That’s odd.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Batgirl always wears the same clothes. She always wears her Bat-costume. True or false?

2. Does Batgirl travel by subway and public bus?

3. When Batgirl came to the building, did she go directly inside, or did she talk to the police?

4. Batgirl arrested the criminals by herself. She defeated all the criminals. Is this right or wrong?

5. Were there other prisoners in the building? Who were they?

6. What was the climax? What was the main event? What happened near the end?

7. The criminals escaped. Is this correct or incorrect? What happened to the criminals?


A. I have watched Batman cartoons and movies. True or false?

B. Are superhero cartoons, comics and movies popular?

C. Do you have a favorite superhero or hero? Who is your favorite superhero or hero?

D. I wish I were a superhero. Yes or no? What do you wish you could do?

E. What might happen in the future?


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