basic training boot camp

Basic Training, Boot Camp



rate drill (2) move (2)
grab chin up at your side
tough suck in trouble is
career suck (2) senior (2)
gut bunch run around (2)
ape funny see/saw/seen
fun infantry comedian
stink armory foot/feet (2)
pace handful run/ran/run (2)
laugh bunch mobile (2)
whole medic take a stroll
quit way (2) what it takes
stroll wonder take/took/taken
lane washout get me/you
miss pathetic sergeant
squad unfair keep pace
gear train (2) knock me down
guess all right think/thought/thought (2)
arm fair (3) break/broke/broken
pain leader report (2)
duty recruit specifically
unit transfer knock (2)
fort request make/made/made
gal gut (2) good/better/best






Career Sargeant Zim: “Most of you will not live to be in the Mobile Infantry. Trouble is you are not good enough the way you are — hands at your side. Chin up.

I am your senior drill instructor, Career Sergeant Zim — suck in that gut! Feet together!”

Recruit, One: “Ahh!”

Career Sargeant Zim: “This had to happen to me. What a bunch of apes! You don’t rate that good!

Never in my life have I seen . . .

You think I’m funny? Do I make you laugh? Do you think I’m a comedian, son?

Recruit, Two: “I’m sorry.”

Career Sargeant Zim: “The first words and the last words out of your stinking holes will be SIR!

Do you get me?!?”

Recruit, Two: “Sir, yes sir!”

Career Sargeant Zim: “See that armory? Run around it.

‘Run!’ I said. Run! Run! Run! Grundy, keep pace!”

Grundy: “Move! Move!”

Career Sargeant Zim: “Anytime you think I’m being tough; anytime you think I’m beging unfair; anytime you miss your mommy — QUIT!!!

Do some prop 48, you grab your gear, you take a stroll down Washout Lane!

Do you get me!?!

Recruits: “Sir, yes sir!!!”

Pathetic. I wonder if there’s a handful of guts in a whole bunch of you. Yeah. Who here thinks they got what it takes to knock me down?

Recruit, Three: “Sir. I guess maybe I do, sir!”

Career Sargeant Zim: “You all right son?
Recruit, Three: “Sir, yes sir . . . It’s my arm; I think it’s broken, sir!”

Career Sargeant Zim: “Medic!!!

“Pain is in your mind! Who’s next?”

Recruit Flores: “Sir. Recruit Flores reporting for duty, sir.”

Career Sargeant Zim: “You specifically requested transfer from Fort Cronkite to this training unit?

Recruit Flores: “Sir, I heard it was the best, sir.”
Career Sargeant Zim: “It is the best. But what makes you think you’re good enough?!?”

Recruit, Four: “Now, that’s the kind of gal who makes squad leader.”
Recruit, Five: “That’s my job you’re talking about.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Head. This was a summer camp for teenagers. True or false?

Eyes. Could the recruits slouch, relax, fidget (move around) and stand anyway they wanted?

Nose. Does Career Sergeant Zim think the new recruits were great, motivated, enthusiastic, disciplined solders?

Mouth. A recruit was singing. Is this correct or incorrect?

Teeth. Did the Career Sergeant think this was funny? Did he laugh too?

Ears. Do the Sergeants respect the recruits or do they punish them?

Hair. What happens if the recruits hate the training? Do they have to endure it?

Lips. Someone wanted to fight the Sergeant. A recruit tried to knock the Sergeant down. Is this correct or incorrect? Did the recruit win?

Cheeks. What did the Sergeant do to the recruit? What happened to the recruit?

Eyebrows. Was there a new recruit? Did a new recruit join the squad?

Neck. What happened in the end?

Legs. Is the Sergeant nice and friendly, or very mean and strict?
Body. I was in the army or military. Yes or no? Was your father, uncle, grandfather or great-grandfather in the military? What did they say about it?

Chest. Do you know anyone who is a career solider or career officer?

Back. What is basic training like in the army? Is it easy and fun, or very tough and harsh?

Arm. Have you seen TV shows, movies or documentaries about the army?

Stomach. Are there advertisements to join the army? Have you seen ads for the military?

Hand. My friends and I would like to join the army, navy, air force or marines. True or false?

Fingers. What might happen in the future?

Foot, Feet. What should governments and people do?

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