barbie doll

Barbie Doll



fire (2) forever choreography
act wedding appropriate
pull punch (2) pull any punches
talent miserable expressive
remind rehearse swing/swung/swung
buzz good luck way back when
fun excited experience
mean grumpy chemistry (2)
vote kick off over and over again
honest blunt (2) sympathetic





Man 1: Who’s ready to meet Simon Cowell?

Man 2: He’s been in this business forever, and if you’re good, he’ll tell you. And if you’re bad, he’ll tell you.

Simon: Who did the choreography?
Dance Group: We did.
Simon: Then you need to fire yourselves.

Woman 1: A lot of times, what he says about an act, is exactly how I feel.

Simon: I mean the umbrellas were appropriate because it started off sunny, and then it got more and more miserable and rainy because it wasn’t going anywhere.

Woman 2: He doesn’t pull any punches.

Man 3: What if he tells you you’re bad?
Man 4: Well, then I’m bad.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Heidi Klum: Hi.
Artyon and Paige: Hi.
Heidi Klum: How excited are you guys?
Artyon and Paige: We’re so excited.
Heidi Klum: I can see that: you’re smiling from ear to ear. Tell me your names. Who are you?
Artyon: Artyon.
Paige: Paige.
Howie: Is it just me, or does this look like Heidi’s wedding photo?
Heidi Klum: Yes, it kind of does. It’s true: it’s a little mini me and a little mini Seal. What will you be doing for us today? Will you be singing?
Artyon and Paige: No.
Simon: Good!
Heidi Klum: What will you be doing?
Artyon and Paige: Dancing.
Heidi Klum: Dancing? Good luck you two.
Artyon and Paige: Thank you.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Heidi Klum: You two are so well rehearsed. You swung her around. It did remind me of a Sunday morning with Seal at home way back when. I really loved it. How can you buzz them?

Simon: I’ll tell you why I buzzed you guys. I really like you … I think you’re talented … But. You need a lot more experience. And that song: It’s not fun. And I didn’t feel …
Heidi Klum: It is a fun song.
Simon: I just think you haven’t got experience. But you’ve got great chemistry, the two of you.
Heidi Klum: And I love that you’re still smiling, even though he’s so mean.
Mel B: He’s very, very grumpy. Well, I loved it. And I love the song choice. And I loved how happy you’ve made me feel.
Howie: What I love was not only your moves, but your faces: you’re so expressive. And so exciting to watch, and just made me smile the whole time. And I actually did like the song. I thought it was fun.
Heidi Klum: We’re going to play that song over and over again later. Let’s vote; I’m going kick it off with a big, fat yes.
Mel B: And I’m going to give you your second yes! Simon.
Simon: I know this isn’t going to make me very popular—but I’m going to say no for all the right reasons.
Howie: You know what? Your third yes!
Artyon and Paige: Thank you!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Simon is a nice, sympathetic judge. True or false? Is he blunt and honest, or does he tell white lies?

2. Were Artyon and Paige very nervous?

3. What can you say about Heidi’s (ex-) husband?

4. Simon wants to hear little children singing. Is this correct or incorrect?

5. What did Artyon and Paige do in their act?

6. Did Simon like their performance? Why did he press the red buzzer?

7. The other judges and audience also disliked Artyon and Paige’s performance. Is this right or wrong?


A. Did you think Artyon and Paige were very good? What do you think of their performance?

B. What will happen to them in the future?

C. What can you say about the song, “Barbie Girl”?

D. Are there lots of dance and gymnastics clubs, studios and schools?

E. Are talent and variety shows popular?

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