Bama and Longevity




none try/tried moment in time
case (2) thing (2) hit rock bottom
witness medication centenarian
disease diabetes heart disease
healthy longevity remarkable
peace sense (3) long/longer/longest
piece constant good/better/best
obesity absolutely hear/heard/heard (2)
bottom share (3) grow/grew/grown (2)
hard (2) population old/older/oldest
neck secret (2) hit/hit/hit (3)
pain intensive blood pressure
swallow insomnia challenge (2)
severe esophagus inflammation
have to full-time contaminate
navigate cholesterol do/did/done
back (3) all day long healthy/healthier/healthiest
rock (3) colleague worry/worries
sick implement feel/felt/felt (2)
trip (3) generous sleep/slept/slept
heart (3) research dig/dug/dug (2)
pure cardiology deep/deeper/deepest (2)
surgery discover come/came/come
too late demanding eat/ate/eaten
allow incredible behavior (2)
team (2) look back millennium/millennia






What we’ve witnessed here in China is really a moment in time. This village only has a population of 550 people — yet there are six centenarians.

Mawen, 108 years old
Boxin, 115 years old
Masongmou, 108 years old
Makun, 108 years old
Makang, 105 years old
Magan, 108 years old

None of the centenarians are on any medications. None of them have had any surgeries. There are no cases of heart disease in this village, diabetes, obesity.

They live these remarkably long, healthy and happy lives.

All of them have such a sense of peace about them; they say this is the best time of their life and there are 108. We don’t always hear that from people as they grow old. Sometimes we hear how hard it is to grow old.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Medical Doctor: I really hit rock bottom in my mid-40s; I was in constant neck pain, back pain. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was on five different medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, for insomnia, for having difficulty swallowing from severe inflammation of my esophagus.

The reality is many of us have full-time, demanding jobs where we are in a building all day long.

And so the challenge then becomes how do we navigate these challenges and implement healthier behavior.

As a cardiologist, some of my Chinese colleagues shared with me that there was a place where people didn’t seem to get sick, where they could live, long healthy lives without having to take medications, without surgeries.

I felt that this was a place that I had to visit. This is our second trip now this time we’ve come with a team to do more intensive research, to dig deeper,

Medical Doctor: “What is the secret to your longevity?”

We’ve lived with them, we’ve talked with them.

Medical Doctor: “Are you happy?”
Magan, Bama Centenarian: “Absolutely!”

Mawan, Bama Centenarian: I have no worries at all this time in my life.

Longevity Researcher: This village was discovered maybe 15 or so years ago as tourists started to come in to try to learn their secrets.”

Makang, Bama Centenarian: “The food that we eat here is very pure, and has not been contaminated.”

Medical Doctor: “The things that these people have done here for millennia to allow them to live these incredibly long and healthy lives are all things that we can do today to help our own lives.

Masongmou, Bama Centenarian: Looking back on my life, I would go out of my way to be as generous with my neighbors as I could.”

Medical Doctor: “Whether you’re 30, whether you’re 40, whether you’re 60 or 70 it’s never too late to make changes.

Makang, Bama Centenarian: “A long life is the best life.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Arthritis. This report takes place in Shanghai. True or false? Is Bama a coastal or seaside town?

Obesity. Are the main industries high-tech and manufacturing?

Diabetes. Did the filmmakers come to explore Bama’s hills, mountains, forests and rivers?

Heart Disease. Are the villagers afflicted by obesity, high-blood pressure, diabetes, dementia?

Cancer. The doctor has always been happy and healthy. Is this right or wrong?

Dementia. The centenarians regularly go to the doctor, clinics, hospitals, and take medication. Is this correct or incorrect?

Stroke. Do they have much stress, anxiety, depression?
Healthy. Describe the health situation in your community. Are the major health problems or issues?

Relaxed. Why are the causes of illness, diseases, ailments?

Vibrant. Has it always been like this? Have people’s health and wellness changed over the years?

Fit and Trim. Do everyone and every entity want society to be fit and healthy?

Radiant and Glowing. What might happen in the future?

Energy and Stamina. What could or should people, governments and people do?

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