balloon magic

Balloon Magic



heart waste judge (2)
waist face (2) dream (2)
cards willingly hold hands
sway balloon out of time
loud rhythm microphone
voice power assistant
slide device magician
mind stairs enhance
grab stage engaged





Amanda: Hello
Christian Lee: Hello. I am Christian Lee.
Amanda: Where are you from Christian?
Christian Lee: I’m from London.
Amanda: Do you have a day job?
Christian Lee: I do have a day job — it’s a magician.
Simon: Christian, are you married?
Christian Lee: I’m engaged.
Simon: To whom?
Christian Lee: Um…uh…to someone who is going to be my wife.
Amanda: Do you have kids together?
Christian Lee: Uh, yeah, they’re in the car outside.
Amanda: Okay, when you’re ready, off you go.
Christian Lee: I’m going to need an assistant; one of you judges will be that . . . and it’s going to be you, Amanda.
David: She’s helped up the stairs these days.

Christian Lee: Kindly hold the cards, that’s all you have to do. Even better.
Christian Lee: Last night I had a dream — a dream that you and I would be standing here on the stage.

We were holding hands.

That’s right, willingly.

And swaying to the music. It was a kind of out of time sway, but eventually we found our rhythm.

Look all the way and name a card and into the microphone.

A card. Just name a card.

But before you got there, there was a loud voice, it was my voice — and the dream was over.

I did remember though the card you nearly said. In fact I’m going to use my mind powers.

Can I have my mind-enhancing device, please?

Technician: Here you go.

Christian Lee: I’ll put this on like this.
Amanda: I love that.
Side Host: I love that!
Christian Lee: Here we go. Time to put the card into your mind.
Amanda: Okay.
Christian Lee: Amanda, name the card that is now in your mind.
Amanda: The Six of Hearts.
Christian Lee: Six of Hearts, you say. If you could just take the one card that only card that is facing the other way around. Take it out, slide it out and show them.

And live the dream!

Amanda: It is the Six of Hearts.

How did you do that?

Christian Lee: How I did it is not as important as how I’m going to get this balloon off.

Just come around here and grab me by the waist.

Come on! Come on!

Side Host: Yeah I like that; that was very good. He got her bra off.

Amanda: So good.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Christian Lee carried a bottle of liquor in his hand when he walked on the stage. True or false?

2. Is he a full-time magician?

3. He is married with children. Yes or no?

4. Did he perform alone or did he have an assistant? Who was his assistant?

5. Christian started the magic trick immediately. Is this right or wrong?

6. Did he use a brain device? What was it?

7. What trick did he and Amanda perform?

8. What happened with the big balloon?


A. Did you think this guy was funny?

B. Have you seen card tricks before?

C. Are card games popular where you live?

D. Have you seen the movie Titanic?


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