balancing act

The Boring Contestant




talent nuts (2) audience
stage day job interesting
gig stuff (2) help me out
try boring good luck
expect honest introduce
scared go for it thrilling
nutter flicking fantastic
worry excited acrobatic
go on special well done
vote kidding obviously
edge literally






David: “Hello. Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent. Would you like to introduce yourselves to the audience?”
Sascha: “Sascha Williams and Stephanie Knock.”
David: “You excited?”
Sascha: “Uh . . .”
David: “Could you try and help me out a little bit? Make it a bit more interesting. Do you have a day job?”
Sascha: “No.”
Simon: “What’s the biggest gig you’ve done so far?”
Sascha: “ . . . um . . . uh . . . little theaters and stuff . . . Yeah.”
Simon: “Okay, good luck.”
Sascha: “Thank you.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Simon: “I was not expecting that. I’m going to be honest with you: I thought ‘Yeah, these two are a bit boring. Cheeky gray. And then you head up there.

I think you’re nuts.

David: “I had the most thrilling two minutes we’ve ever had on Britain’s Got Talent.

Ayesha. “I was excited. I wasn’t as scared as Amanda was. I just kept thinking, ‘go on, go for it. Go for it.’ And boy did you.”

Amanda: “I think what makes you so special is the lack of Lycra and sequence and hair flicking, and all of that. Although it worried me.

And then you got on stage, then you just turned into this nutter.

It was just fantastic!”

Simon: “And you know what? This is the most difficult kind of acrobatic act we’ve had on this show. It is so hard. You were literally right on the edge.”

David: “We’re going to vote. Simon.”
Simon: “Uhhhhh. Yeah, I’m going to say ‘no’. I’m kidding. Obviously, it’s a ‘yes’.”
Amanda: “It’s a ‘yes’ for me.”
Ayesha: “It’s a ‘yes’ for me.”
David: “Guy’s you’ve got four ‘yeses’! Well done!”

Side Guys: “Well done!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



9. Sascha Williams has a regular, full-time job. True or false?

10. Did he and Stephanie speak a lot in their introduction? How did the judges and audience feel?

11. What did Sascha do?

12. Stephanie did acrobatics with Sascha. Is this correct or incorrect?

13. Did he do everything perfectly, or did he look like he was going to fall?

14. How did the audience and judges feel about his performance? Did they like it?

15. Simon voted “Yes”. Is this right or wrong?


16. What did you think of Sascha’s act? How did you feel? Were you surprised? Were you shocked?

17. I know some people who are good at acrobatics or gymnastics. Yes or no?

18. Do you think Sascha has natural talent and abilities, does he train and practice very much, he is very passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic or all three?

19. Do you or your friends have a talent you could do on TV?

20. Are talent shows and competitions popular?

21. What will happen in the future?


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