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on set inviting set her apart
region genuine in this case
recipe rack up spade (3)
feature assume conventional
routine touch (2) behind (2)
run (2) shoot (2) put together
roll (2) trick (2) embarrassed
icing bathtub as it were
igloo occupant take care of
setup sideline masterpieces
fan (2) subscribe make a living
pay off draw (2) mouthwatering


Video: Baking on YouTube



Sally: “Hello. And welcome to Sally’s World.”

And what an inviting one it is — assuming you like cake. They’re genuinely made on set, or in this case, in her kitchen.

Saliha Ozcan is Germany’s most popular food blogger. The 27-year old from the Baden region has half-a-million subscribers on YouTube. And her videos have racked up almost a hundred million views.

The secret to her success isn’t necessarily the recipes, which are on the conventional side.

What sets her apart is the personal touch. Saliha’s daughter features frequently on the channel.

Saliha “Sally” Ozcan, Inspiration, International: “I’m a teacher by profession. When I was in college, I saw a tutorial on YouTube for a recipe. It was in English.

And I thought, ‘how about starting something like that over here’?”

Saliha Ozcan’s operations now has a marketing concept behind it. And a professional team to shoot her baking videos.

And in addition to the YouTube channel, she also runs her own online store.

Saliha Ozcan: “It just used to be a sideline . . . and now it’s taken a huge role in my life. It all happened so suddenly.”

Forty-six year old Nicole Weber-Joerss is hoping to enjoy that kind of success as well. She started making videos two years ago — a completely new world for her.

Nicole Weber-Joerss, Production: Running Smoothly: “It took some getting used to. I felt really embarrassed standing in my kitchen, and talking to the camera.

But it’s since become totally routine.”

Her cakes are works of art. And as a trained beautician, she has plenty of tricks for putting the icing on the cake, as it were.

She creates everything from igloos to bathtubs — complete with occupant.

She also has to take care of the technical side of things; behind the camera.

Nicole Weber-Joerss: “As I do the filming myself, I have to be careful to change the setup to the way I need it.”

Her masterpieces of cake making may take up to twenty hours to put together. And when you take the time to get everything edited and ready to upload, she sometimes spends two or three days on the computer for one show.

Nicole Weber-Joerss has close to thirty-thousand fans on YouTube. But she’s still unable to make a living from it.

That’s unlike Saliha, whose popularity is paying off in spades. She even has a promotional deal with a supermarket chain.

And her videos can draw over one-million views each — a mouthwatering statistic.

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1. Everyone is fascinated by Sally’s World. Everyone is a fan of Sally’s World. True or false?

2. Is Sally popular on YouTube? What are the statistics?

3. Her success is entirely due to her great cake creations. Yes or no?

4. Has Sally always made baking tutorial videos? What is her background?

5. What is Nicole’s background?

6. Sally’s only business is her YouTube baking tutorials. Is this correct or wrong?

7. Do Sally and Nicole have the same operations and level of success?


A. What are your favorite YouTube channels?

B. My school, company or organization has a YouTube channel. Yes or no?

C. Do you make and upload videos? Do your friends make and upload videos? What are they about?

D. Would you like to make a living creating YouTube videos? What are some ideas and themes for YouTube videos?

E. What will happen in the future?

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