back blow

1. Back up, Break in



back up (4) break in (3) break down (3)




Back Up

9a. Back up (move backward; move in reverse).
You just passed it; we’ll have to back up. What was happening?

9b. Back up (an build up, accumulation)
Paul was late for work. What did he say? How many kilometers can traffic be backed up? Why does traffic back up? What are the solutions to traffic jams?

9c. Back up (to support, confirm someone or something)
Marsha’s colleagues backed her up when she accused management of favoritism and harassment. Have you ever witnessed something like this? Do your friends and coworkers always back you up?

9d. Back up (make a second copy just in case the first is damaged)
I make back up copies of all my files. Yes or no? How do you make back up copies? What devices or technologies do you use? Has it changed over the years?





Break Down

10a. Break down (separate or divide something into parts)
The technicians broke the old computers down into their individual components. Why did they break them down?

10b. Break down (stop working, functioning).
My bus (car) broke down this morning. I was on my way to a meeting with a major client. Has this ever happened to you? Has your computer ever broken down when you needed it the most?

10c. (Nervous) breakdown (collapse of well being)
Jill suffered a nervous breakdown. Why did she suffer a nervous breakdown? Cliff had a mental breakdown and cried. Why? Do you anyone who has had a nervous (or mental or emotional) breakdown? What is the cure or treatment for this?


Break In

11a. Break in (enter by force, breaking a lock, window, etc.)
What happened to the corner store last night? Who was responsible? Why did this happen? Has anyone ever broken into your friend’s house? How can this be avoided?

11b. Break in (wear new shoes until it fits properly)
“Don’t worry, you’ll break them in after a while.” Who is talking to whom?

11c. Break in (train or get used to a new job, routine)
My new coworkers helped break me in the company. How long did it take you to break in your new job or other routine?

11d. Break in (to interject, interrupt)
Simon broke in while Gary was telling a story. Was this polite or rude? An employee broke in while the boss was explaining the new procedure. Why did he break in?

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