babysitting expectations versus reality

Babysitting Expectations

Versus Realities



fight cereal expectation
cute reality throw/threw/thrown
doll spank nightmare
snack versus go for a walk






Hey guys, it’s Jenna.

And this week’s theme is babysitting nightmare.

So I’m going to show you some babysitting expectations versus realities.

Let’s get started.

Expectation Number One.

Jenna: “Oh you guys are so cute. Do you want to play with some dolls?
Babies: “Yeah!”
Jenna: “Here you go.”
Babies: “Let’s be friends.”

Reality Number One.

Jenna: “Ah you guys are so cute.”
Baby one: “Give me a doll.”
Jenna: “You guys are such bad children. Bad girl! Bad girl!”

Expectation Number Two

Jenna: “Alright. Who wants some snacks?
Babies: “Me. Me.”
Jenna: “Here you go.”
Baby Two: “Tastes good.”

Reality Number Two:

Jenna: “Who wants some snacks?
Jenna: “Girls, stop throwing food. Girls, I said ‘no’. Girls stop throwing the cereal.”

Expectation Number Three
Jenna: “Alright girls. Let’s go for a walk in the park.”
Babies: “Yey!”

Reality Number Three

Jenna: “Alright girls, you want to go to the park?”
Girls: “No!!!!!!!!”

Expectation Number Four

Jenna: “Alright, let’s play in the park . . . oh no, are you okay?”

Reality Number Four

Jenna: “Alright, come on. Let’s play.”
Girls: “No!!!!!!”
Jenna: “Girls, no fighting. No fighting. No fighting. You’ll get a spanking!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. In Expectation Number One, the girls played with four dolls. True or false?

2. Did they play with dolls in Reality Number One,?

3. The girls ate their cereal with spoons in Expectation Number Two. Is this correct or wrong?

4. What happened in Reality Number Two?

5. In Expectation Number Three, did they walk to the park?

6. Where did they go in Reality Number Three? Why did they go back in the house?

7. What happened in Expectation Number Four?

8. What was the reality?


A. Someone babysat me. Yes or no? Who was your babysitter? Was it fun?

B. Have you babysat children? What happened? What was it like?

C. I want to be a babysitter or child minder.

D. What will happen in the future?

E. What are some expectations versus reality
1) in the classroom?
2) in a dance school?
3) with food?


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