average family

An “Average” Family



include bowling meet/met/met
picnic socialize bachelor’s degree
enjoy furniture accounting
knit finance degree (2)
local suburb elementary school
attend yard (2) grow/grew/grown
shrub involve bachelor
paint activity excursion
dine activity education
mall factory high school
busy science middle-class




Meet Bob Franklin. He is 44 years old and married to Linda Pearson Franklin, 42. They have two children, a girl and a boy, a dog and two cats.

Together, the family lives in a middle-class home in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

Education and Career

Bob has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and works as a financial manager at a furniture factory.

With university degrees in education, Linda teaches general science at their local high school. Their older daughter attends the same school, while the younger son attends an elementary school.

After Work

After work, Bob and Linda like to work in their garden. They grow flowers and shrubs in the front yard, and vegetables in the back.

Later they cook and have dinner together. The children then do their homework, while Bob reads books and Linda paints pictures or knits.

About once a week, Bob goes bowling with his friends. There they talk about business and socialize. Linda is sometimes involved with after school programs and excursions.


On weekends, the Franklins often visit their friends for coffee or dinner. The children play with each other. Other times they will have a picnic at a park.

Other family activities include going to the movie theater, shopping at the mall or dining at a restaurant.

Though Bob and Linda are busy, they enjoy being together as a family.



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1. Are Bob and Linda young, middle-aged or old?

2. What is Linda’s maiden name?

3. The family lives in the city center. True or false?

4. Are Bob and Linda university educated?

5. They like plants. Is this right or wrong? What are their hobbies?

6. Mrs. Franklin only sees her students during school hours. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Do the Franklins only stay home on Saturdays and Sundays?


A. Are the Franklins an “average” family? Describe the “average” family.

B. What are some typical “middle-class” professions and occupations?

C. What do people usually do after work?

D. On weekends, do people go out? Where do they go?

E. Has family life been changing over the decades?

F. What will family life be like in the future?

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