An Australian House




soap leave (2) country (2)
smell natural population
skin tongue buy/bought/bought
label special treasure (2)
stuff tendency cosmetics
lizard cabinet around me
piece original glass-blown
wish well (3) wishing well
rose wedding handmade
glass pleasure discolored






Perth, Australia. Population: 2.0 million. Fourth-largest city in the country.

Hello. Welcome. My name is Trish. Please come in to my living room.

Husband Lyle

Trish: “Smell it. I like that one. That’s really nice.”
Lyle: “That’s not too bad.”

I make my soap. And the reason why I make my own soap is because I like to use cosmetics and products on my skin because they are more natural. And a lot of stuff you buy in the shops is just full of chemicals and they’re not what they say on the labels.

Identical Twins Melissa and Jasim

My living room is my life. It’s about what I treasure. It’s got photos of my family, my friends — I like just having things that I love around me.

I have a tendency to leave the back door open. And they walk in — bluetongue lizards.

Wedding cake decoration

These are a few of my special pieces that I keep in my cabinet here. This was a glass-blown wishing well that I got made up for our wedding cake.

And these were the flowers, and these were actually handmade, these little roses, but as the years have gone by, they’ve become discolored, unfortunately. But that’s still original.

I’d like to say good-bye from myself and my husband and from Perth, Western Australia. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you here. You’re welcome anytime.

Thank you. Bye.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



New Zealand.
Perth, Australia is a small town. Trish and Lyle live in a small town. True or false?

Papua New Guinea. Trish and Lyle were cutting and smelling cheese. Is this right or wrong? Do they buy their soap from a store?

Samoa, Tonga, Fiji. Why do they make their own soap? Is there a difference between homemade and store-bought soap? What is the difference between homemade and store-bought soap?

Indonesia. Do Trish and Lyle have three sons?

Malaysia. Trish’s kitchen is her favorite room. Is this correct or incorrect?

Philippines. Perth, Australia probably has a high crime rate; there are many criminals in Perth. What do you think?

Vietnam. Trish’s prized possession is a wooden cuckoo clock. Yes or no? What are some of her prized possessions? What does she like to collect?


China. Is there anything you make at home, e.g. soap, cheese, yogurt, pickles, jam, jelly, etc?

South Korea. What are some of your favorite possessions? What do you like to collect?

Russia. Do you live in Australia? Are you from Australia? Have you visited Australia?

Japan. Have you met anyone from Australia? Who were they? What were they doing?

Canada. Describe the geography and climate of Australia.

United States. Describe the economy. What are its main industries? What does it import and export?

Mexico. What are some tourist attractions in Australia?

Colombia. What is Australian food like?

Peru. Does Australia have any challenges, problems or difficulties?

Chile. What comes to mind when you think of Australia? What do you associate with Australia?


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