The Athlete




arms wake up wake/woke/woken
drag scoff at get/got/got-gotten
alarm pajamas alarm clock
weak exercise ring/rang/rung
steel imitate Christmas tree
tools muscles dumbbell
heavy light (2) lift weights
lift blanket ornament
week strong switch off
iron turn on switch on
stairs struggle steal/stole/stolen
shed tool shed workshop
cover look at neighbor
floor watch (2) track suit
drop inspire enthusiasm
lock mirror hide/hid/hidden
shack motivate training suit
jog get up sports suit
snow senile think/thought/thought
crazy insane copy/copied
legs slippers switch (2)
gift strain present (3)
star turn off pick up (3)





*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Weight Lifting. The main character of the story was a family man. The main character was a husband and father living with his family. True or false?

Track and Field. When the old man was young, he was a bookworm. When the old man was young, he only liked to read books and watch TV. Is this right or wrong?

Javelin, Discus, Shot Put. In his house, did he have a stationary bicycle, treadmill and universal gym? Did he have lots of exercise and gym equipment?

High Jump, Pole Vault. One morning, did he decide to become a web developer and blogger? What did he decide to do? What did he start doing?

Sprinting, 100-Meter Dash. In the beginning, was the old man fit and strong, or out-of-shape and weak?

Marathon Run, Long-Distance Run. He exercised together with his neighbor. Is this correct or incorrect? Was his neighbor supportive and encouraging? What did his neighbor think about him?

Long Jump. Did the old man exercise once a week? Did he progress and improve? Did he become stronger and fitter?

Wrestling. The old man wanted to enter the Senior Olympics. He wanted to compete in the Senior Olympics. Yes or no? What happened in the end?

Rowing, Kayaking, Paddling, Canoeing. What had inspired and motivated the old man to persist and continue exercising?
Cycling. What happens to people when they retire? What do pensioners do?

Gymnastics. Do old people usually live with their children and grandchildren, or alone?

Fencing. How do people celebrate Christmas and New Year’s?

Swimming. What might happen in the future?

Diving. What could or should retired people do?

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