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As Big As


Besides “regular” comparatives and superlatives, there are sentence forms that show two things as being “equal” and “unequal”.

 Forms of be: be, am, is, are, was, were, been, being 

Equal (Positive) Sentences

  Subject + be + as adjective as + object.

• Tigers are as big as lions.
• Disney World is as entertaining as Disneyland.
• Prague is as cultural and beautiful as Vienna.
• Samson was as strong as Hercules.

Lesser (Negative) Sentences

 Subject + be not + as adjective as + object.

• The rhinoceros isn’t as big as the elephant.
• Silver isn’t as valuable as gold.
• Foreign films aren’t as thrilling as Hollywood movies.
• Discipline in the Air Force isn’t as rigid as in the Marine Corps.

Yes-No Questions

  Be + subject + as adjective as noun-2? 

• Are tablets as fast and powerful as laptops?
• Is basketball as popular as football?
• Are high school graduates as good in business as college graduates?
• Was Baghdad as populous as Constantinople in the Middle Ages?

Answer the following questions or respond to the statements. Say why and give examples.


1. Football matches on TV are as popular as soap operas. True or false?

2. The beach isn’t as refreshing and invigorating as the mountains, lakes and forests. Yes or no?

3. French, Italian and Chinese dishes aren’t as delicious as our traditional, folk cuisine.

4. My wife/husband isn’t as beautiful/handsome as neighbour’s wife/husband.



5. Is the internet revolution as profound and revolutionary as the invention of writing?

6. Are clubs, cafes, coffee shops and tea houses, bars and pubs as popular today as they were in the past?

7. The Great Recession of 2008 to 2010 wasn’t/isn’t as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s. Yes or no?

8. Life in my grandparents’ time wasn’t as stressful as it is today.

9. Freedom, democracy and liberty aren’t as meaningful as a having a good living standard.

School, Work, Career

10. Is learning to communicate in English as difficult as learning math and science?

11. Telecommuting (working from home) isn’t as satisfying as working in an office. Do you agree?

12. Running a small business is as hard as designing microprocessors, microchips and microcircuits.

13. Is a career in engineering as rewarding as a career in business?


14. Is there as much emphasis on preventive medicine as there is on cures?

15. Al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham was as smart and influential as Isaac Newton.

16. Are lottery winners as fulfilled and satisfied as doctors, lawyers and CEOs?

17. Second, third born children aren’t usually as high achieving as first borns. True or false?


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