An Argentinean Teen




conflict free time means a lot to me
among thing (2) greenery
go out lawyer international
quite embassy mean (3)






What’s your name?

I’m Simon Cafaro Kramer from Buenos Aires, and I have no sisters or brothers.

Buenos Aires is a very beautiful city: there’s greenery everywhere.

Football is very important here: all Argentineans love football. The game means a lot to me as well.

Another thing that’s very popular in Buenos Aires is dancing the Tango.
What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I go out with my friends; we play games together — among them, football.
What music do you like?

I love Argentinean Rock; but I also like International Rock music.
What do your parents do for work?

My parents are both lawyers. My mother works in the center of Buenos Aires; my father works at the German Embassy here.

My father and I sometimes eat alone because my mother comes home from work quite late.
What are your hopes for the future?

My hope for the future is that we live in a world with more justice, in which there are fewer wars and conflicts between countries.

And people who need help — the poor — have to get more of it.

Rich people can’t always keep all the money.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Argentina. Simon is an only child. True or false?

Brazil. Are there only skyscrapers and buildings in Buenos Aires?

Chile. The most popular sport in Argentina is basketball. Is this right or wrong?

What kind of music does Simon like? Describe the traditional dance of Argentina.

In his free time, does he (only) surf the internet?

His father is an engineer and his mother is a doctor. Yes or no? Is his mother often very busy?

Does Simon like war or peace? Is he greedy? Does he want lots of money?

There are many trees and parks in my city. Yes or no

What is the most popular sport, music and dance in your city?

Venezuela. Are you from Argentina? Have you ever been to Argentina? Have you met anyone from Argentina?

Guyana, Suriname.
What comes to mind when you think of Argentina?

Cuba. Describe the geography and climate of Argentina.

Panama, Costa Rica.
Describe its economy. What does it produce, import and export?

Nicaragua, El Salvador.
Does Argentina have any problems? What are some of its problems?

Honduras, Belize.
What is Argentinean food like?

What are some tourist attractions?

Mexico. I would like to live or visit Argentina. Yes or no?

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