Yes-No Questions

Are We, You, They; 2


Yes-No Questions: Am I

Am + I + noun/adjective?

● Am I in trouble? —> Oh yes! You’re in big trouble now!
● Am I late? —> No, you aren’t; you’re just in time.
● Am I pretty? —> Of course you are!

Yes-No Questions: Are you, we, they


Are + you/we/they
the technicians
those birds+ noun/adjective?
our computers
Lola and Martin
her mother and father

● Are we lost? —> Yes, (I think) we are/No, we’re not (lost); I know this place.
● Are the hikers ready?—>Yes, they are/No, they aren’t. They need some more time.
● Are you Mrs. Kwok’s secretary? —> No, I’m not.
● Are they from Sweden or the Switzerland? —> They’re from the Sweden.

What would you say?

● You are visiting another town and you see some people wearing matching costumes/uniforms. What do ask a resident?
● It’s 12:00. Emma and her friend are walking in a mall. She hears a growl. What does she ask her?
● Kees sees his classmate talking, smiling and laughing to himself. What does he ask him?




Answer the Following

Say yes, no, yes and no, maybe, it depends, in the middle, in a way, some are, sometimes, most are, most of the time. Say why and give examples.

For most people, are smartphones the most important thing in the world?

Are adults more creative and imaginative than children, or are children more creative and imaginative than adults?

Are universities very important? Do you have to attend and graduate from university in order to “succeed” in life?

April. Are people in England (or Greece, France, Egypt, Mexico, Thailand) the same as in your country, are they similar, or are they different?

In your classes, are the teachers nice and friendly, or mean and strict? In your office or company, are boss and manager nice and friendly, or mean and strict?

Are students in your class (or are your neighbors) well-behaved, or do they misbehave, talk, joke, play around, make noise and cause trouble, both or in the middle?


July. In your city, are the buildings new and modern, old and classical, or both?

Are there any problems in your school or workplace, or is everything okay?

Are Americans movies and TV shows good, bad, both, neither or in-between?

In villages, are the residents mostly young, middle-aged, old, or of all ages?

In your neighborhood, are there many parties? Are there lots of parties on Fridays and Saturdays? Are these parties fun and great, or boring?

During the spring, summer and fall (autumn) are there (lots of) fleas, flies and mosquitoes? How do you deal with them? Are there natural ways to deal with them?

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