apple third co-founder 1

Apple’s Third Co-Founder, 1



capable net worth tied up (2)
modest jackpot social security
get by check (2) round number
logo alongside circumstance
legal signature agreement
jealous adventure fascinating
rough rough ride second thoughts
incur enterprise bulldoze (2)
debt cemetery on the hook
net (2) stake (2) get in the way
what if challenge as far as I was concerned
wonder by trade wind up (2)
cash-in dynamic manual (2)
focus founder forthcoming





His net worth is mostly tied up in his coin and stamp collection.

Ronald Wayne, Apple Co-Founder: “I play penny machines, mostly with poker machines.

A few days a week, he drives himself to a casino, hoping one day he’ll hit the jackpot.

He’s 76, retired, and lives in this modest home outside of Las Vegas in Pahrumb, Nevada.

He gets by on his monthly social security check.

Ronald Wayne, Apple Co-Founder: “I’ll put it real simple: I’ve never been rich.”

A lot of people face similar challenges . . . except how many can honestly say they could have been a billionaire, more than 20 times over — if only he could have seen it.

Journalist: “You know that when people hear your story, they say to themselves, ‘My gosh. 22 billion dollars. He could have had it’.”

Ronald Wayne, Apple Co-Founder: “What can I say? You make a decision based upon your understanding of the circumstances.

And you live with it.

That’s the best you can do.

There’s nothing you can do about yesterday.

Ron Wayne is the third founder of Apple. He designed the company’s first logo and the first operating manual.

Journalists: “With these signatures right here, Apple Computer was formed.
Ron Wayne: “Yes.”

This 1976 legal agreement shows his name alongside with the well-known founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Wayne, an engineer by trade, had befriended Jobs, who he says, wanted his help in forming the company.

Journalist: “This is the contract right here.”
Ron Wayne: “Yes.”
Journalist: “And it says, ‘Ron Wayne gets ten percent of the business’.”
Ron Wayne: “Um hm.”
Journalist: “And you’re happy with that?”
Ron Wayne: “Of course. I had no investment in it. It was a fascinating thing.”

But only eleven days after Apple came into existence, Wayne had second thoughts.

Ron Wayne: “I felt very honestly, that the way these guys were going — they were going to bulldoze their way through anything to make this company succeed.

But it was going to be a very rough ride, and if I wasn’t careful, I was going to wind up the richest man in the cemetery.”

He said he was worried about being on the hook for debts that the company would incur.

At the time, Wayne’s 10% stake netted him just $800.
Ron Wayne: “As far as I was concerned, it was found money. And I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way, and why would I possibly do that anyhow.

Journalist: “At the time, you were pleased to take it?”
Ron Wayne: “Absolutely.”

Throughout the years, Wayne has held various jobs as an engineer.

He’s never had a particular fascination with computers.

Journalist: “How many Apple products have you bought over the years?”
Ron Wayne: “In round numbers? About as round a number as you can get. I’ve never owned an Apple product.”

Wayne says he’s not jealous of Steve Jobs or Apple’s success, and says it’s useless to waste time wondering “What if?”

He last spoke to Jobs ten years ago.

I don’t think anyone could have imagined the success that Apple did become. But I knew it would be a successful enterprise — because the people who were driving it were skilled and capable, dynamic and focused.

Wayne is hoping to finally cash-in on this Apple connection with a forthcoming book. The title, The Adventures of an Apple Founder.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. Does Ronald Wayne live a luxurious, high-class lifestyle? Is he rich?

2. He is not interested in making (lots of) money. True or false?

3. He could have made $22 billion, buy didn’t. Is this correct or wrong?

4. Who was Ronald Wayne? What is he famous for? What did he do?

5. After 12 days, he withdrew his partnership from Apple Computer. Why did he withdraw?

6. Did Ronald have a career with computers? Is he an Apple (products) fan?

7. Was he optimistic or pessimistic about Apple’s future, or somewhere in between?

A. Do you think Ronald Wayne regrets his decision in 1976? What would have happened had he stayed with Apple?

B. I know some people who have started a business from scratch and is now highly successful. Yes or no?

C. I would like to start a business. My friends would like to start their own business.

D. Are there things that you or your friends have regretted doing or not doing?

E. If you or your friend had a time machine, would you change something in your life? If I had a time machine, I would . . .

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