bug right then bit/bite/bitten
tough furniture know/knew/known
tension full time rest of my life
pursue shock (2) go/went/gone
faze awesome think/thought/thought
last (2) struggle stunned (2)
starve go for it dying inside of me
stance assume hit/hit/hit (2)
live (2) switch off halfway through
agree disagree showmanship
excited thrilled even though
shy introvert wake up call (2)
chance illusion reserved (2)
prove step it up make it (2)
career amazing feel/felt/felt
corny drop out best of luck
spot talented dream (2)
gosh chain (2) impressive
ironic break (3) impossible
bit (3) graduate incredible
cheesy mean (3) deliberate







I really have to step it up this time and prove myself to the judges. This was not just a hobby: this
is me. This is my career — that’s my whole life.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Howie, Judge: “Good eveing Rob. How do you feel tonight?”

Rob Lake, Magician: “I feel really really great, really excited.

Howie, Judge: “Cuz I know that you want this very badly.”

Rob Lake, Magician: “That’s true. When I was 20 years old I was in Oklahoma and I actually dropped out of college to do this full-time.”
Oliva Munn, Judge: “Great. You’re from Oklahoma? I am I’m from Oklahoma too.”
Rob Lake, Magician: “I am.”
Rob Lake, Magician: “I went to the University of Oklahoma.”
Olivia Munn: “So did I.
Rob Lake, Magician: “I left after two years.”
Olivia Munn: “I graduated. But here we are. We’re here together.”

Howie, Judge: “Well, I wish you the best of luck. I know, I can feel the tension in the room. And back there so many talented people vying for so few spots.”
Rob Lake, Magician: “Absolutely.”
Howie, Judge: “We wish you the best of luck.”
Rob Lake, Magician: “Thank you.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Heidi, Judge: “My gosh, chains.”
Mel B, Judge: “That was impressive.”
Olivia Munn, Judge: “That was awesome.”
Howie, Judge: “It was amazing.”

Simon, Judge: “You know what that was quite incredible. I mean I really was watching this, thinking what happened it’s sort of impossible — but it happened. The only thing I would say about you Rob, is it’s not just about what you did, it is how you do it. And maybe that’s why you haven’t been given this break yet, because it’s all a bit corny; you know the music you know the way . . . ”
Mel B, Judge: “But that’s ironically what I love about it. You see one thing that I really loved about you was your cheesiness, the stance, your walk forward
and all that stuff. I loved it. I think you’re great.”

Rob Lake, Magician: “Thank you.”

Olivia Munn, Judge: “I really don’t know how that happened. That was it was truly incredible; it really was. I know you’ll go for it. I mean how could he not?
Howie, Judge: “That was an amazing illusion. We are going to be deliberating you did a very good job. Maybe you’ll be one of the six. Who knows.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Illusion. Performing magic is just a pastime (hobby) for Rob Lake. True or false?

Magic, Magic Tricks. Did Rob graduate from university? Does he have a university degree?

Acrobatics, Gymnastics.
Is he from California? What did one of the judges say?

Rob performed alone. Is this correct or incorrect?

Musical Performance.
What happened in his act?

How did the judges and audience react to Rob’s performance? Did they think his performance was dull and boring?


I have seen magic performances. Yes or no?

My friends and I would like to become magicians or entertainers.

What sort of magic would you like to perform?

Roller Skating.
What do your parents want for your future?

Trapeze. What will happen in the future?

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