apostasy in Denmark

Apostasy in Denmark



appear ministry traditional
former disprove grow/grew/grown (2)
pastor heart (2) lead/led/led
author threaten forbidden
path wake up challenge
turn mission flee/fled/fled
prove success share (2)
grace vibrant dynamic
anger believe dream (2)
decide damage salvation
media destroy opposition
bible freedom persecution
gospel violence congregation






In the traditionally Christian nation of Denmark, the number of Muslim immigrants is growing. In fact, about four percent (4%) of the population is now Muslim.

But there’s also a vibrant ministry that’s sharing the love of Christ to these immigrants. And it’s led by a former Muslim.


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He’s the pastor of a dynamic ministry to Denmark’s Muslim immigrant community, and is the author of The Forbidden Salvation: My Path to Freedom.

His name is Massoud Fouroozandeh, born a Muslim in Iran, he fled to Denmark in the 1980s. But his path to freedom took its great turn when his mother, who had become a Christian, gave him a bible.

As a Muslim, this angered him, and he decided to disprove it. But something different happened.

Massoud Fouroozandeh, Pastor, The Church of Love: “When I began to study the Bible, I could see the picture of God, Allah, and the picture of God in the Bible; they were very different. The God of the Bible for me was the God of grace, and the Grace and law is the difference. The grace is love. God loves you, not because you are something or you do something special for Him. It’s because he loves you; he’s your Father.

I could feel that. My heart didn’t belong to Islam anymore.

Massoud was running his own business in Denmark when he says Jesus appeared to him in a dream and called Massoud to serve Him. He began Mohaben, the Church of Love, shown in this video.

Massoud Fouroozandeh, Pastor, The Church of Love: “And our mission was to go out and tell everyone we know; and most of them we knew at that time were Muslims.

And their success has made some Muslims in Denmark very angry: the Danish media has reported about how Pastor Massoud has been threatened by Muslims, had one car damaged and another destroyed.

But this opposition and persecution is only causing the church in Denmark to grow.

In Europe, for many, many hundreds of years, the Church has not been challenged . . . and you can see what is happening now with our churches.

But now in these twenty years I have been in Denmark, the Church is growing. The Church is waking up. People are waking up.”

Today, the Church of Love has congregations in three different cities. And the threat of violence is not stopping the gospel from reaching more and more Danish Muslims.

Massoud Fouroozandeh, Pastor, The Church of Love: “No matter what happened, the good news is that we believe in God. And we build in love and only in love.”


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1. Is the number of Muslim immigrants in Denmark increasing, decreasing or remaining the same?

2. Is Pastor Massoud Fouroozandeh from Denmark? Is he a native, ethnic Dane?

3. A missionary talked to Massoud and converted him to Christianity. Is this right or wrong?

4. Had he known about Christianity before? Was it different from Islam?

5. Everyone is happy and glad that Massoud become a Christian and is preaching. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Is Christianity in Denmark increasing, decreasing or remaining the same?

7. Have Massoud and his followers given up due to threats of violence?


A. My country is traditionally Christian. Yes, no, both, yes and no?

B. Has religion in your country changed over time?

C. Are there immigrants with different religious beliefs?

D. Do people convert to different faiths or apostatize?

E. What will happen in the future?

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