An Apartment in Berlin




style mixture population
frame organic framework
ad beach coach (2)
lovely island what you make of it
wood pastry prepare






Berlin, Germany, population 3.5 million.

Welcome to my home. Welcome to Mobit. Come on in.

Lisa Pippus is from Canada. She’s a style coach.

Framed artworks.

So I like an organic mixture of things. This is an old picture frame with my son on a beach on Vancouver Island, next to this lovely ad for an electricity company in orange and yellow.

I think on this I can really say that art is what you make it.

And here, we have my father’s artwork. These are little wooden animals that he made for my children. So they’re all here. They all love playing with animals, so I kept a plastic one.

Somalian cat made from Siberian wood.

So this is Fu.

Syrian pastries.

Right, and I’m learning a lot because Fu is an amazing cook. And it’s really wonderful to be in Berlin and realize that I can learn so much. Not only is she a wonderful young woman, but also learning about the Japanese culture, or how they eat, what they do.

Yeah, so it’s quite exciting.

Well, it’s been lovely having you here. I’ve got to go off and prepare something for work now. So thank you very much for coming into my home.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Lisa the host is a local German. True or false?

Dinning Table, Coffee Table.
Are there a lot of art decorations in her apartment?

Desk. When Lisa was a child, her parents only bought toys for them. Is this right or wrong?

Sofa, Couch.
Does she live with her husband?

Chair, Armchair.
What is Fu’s job? What is Lisa’s job?

Bookcase, Bookshelf.
Has Fu been staying in her room, and mostly surfing the internet?

Carpet, Rug.
Does Lisa have a lot of free time or is she a busy person?


Window, Curtains.
Do you have a large art collection at home?

Have you lived with roommates?

Wall, Wallpaper.
Do you live in Germany? Are you from Germany? Have you visited Germany?

Have you met anyone from Germany? Who were they? What were they doing?

Room Lights, Lamp.
Describe the geography and climate of Germany.

Describe the economy. What does it import and export?

Stove, Oven.
What are some tourist attractions?

What is German food like?

Bathtub, Shower.
Does Germany have any problems?

What comes to mind when you think of Germany? What do you associate with Germany?



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