The Antique Market




near favorite wonderful
mobile fantastic buy/bought/bought
empty antique sell/sold/sold
awful unusual market (2)
try on designer mp3 player
cup teapot comfortable
plate stall (2) furniture
cheap ceramics expensive
each light (3) pound (2)
great design big/bigger/biggest
full thing (2)






What’s your favorite place to go shopping?

This is Alfies, a wonderful shop near the center of London.

But you can’t buy a new computer, a mobile phone, or an mp3 player at Alfies; they don’t sell them here.

So what do they sell at Alfies?

Alfies is an antiques market: they sell a lot of old, unusual and beautiful things here. This stall has fantastic clothes and bags. These bags are over a hundred years old.

Sarah likes these colorful old clothes. Natalia and Anna are from Russia. Alfies is their favorite shop in London. Their favorite things are the beautiful, old, designer clothes.

They like trying on the hats. The red one is Natalia’s favorite.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Masako from Japan loves these ceramics. There are plates cups and teapots.

Do you like them?

Some people love the furniture at Alfies. There’s some very unusual furniture here.

Do you like this chair? Or this one?

Some people think this chair is awful: it’s very expensive and it isn’t comfortable.

These phones are old; but they aren’t cheap — they’re two hundred and fifty pounds each.

Do you have a favorite?

This white one or that black one? Or how about a red one?

Do you like this light?

These lights are all by Italian designers. They’re beautiful, colors. But they are very big.

Alfies is full of beautiful things. It’s a great place to shop.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Tables, Dining Table, Desk. Was this video about British food, football or the Royal Family?

Chairs. British people only wear blue jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and hoodies. True or false?

Sofa, Couch, Armchair. Is Alfies located in a town in Scotland?

Coffee Table.
Alfies sells groceries, like vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, eggs and spices. Is this right or wrong?

Walls, Windows, Curtains. Are most of Alfies’ merchandise (goods, items) new and imported from China?

Floors, Carpets, Rugs. Do only poor, old Britons shop at Alfies? What are Natalia and Anna interested in?

Lamps, Lights. Alfies competes with Ikea. Alfies sells the same items as Ikea. Is this correct or incorrect?

Refrigerator, Freezer. Is Alfies similar to a department store, a museum, both, neither or in between?

Bookcase, Bookshelf.
I love to go shopping. Yes or no? What are your favorite shops or stores?

Bed, Bed Frame, Mattress.
Does everyone love shopping? Who loves shopping the most? What are the most popular stores in your city? What do people like to buy?

Dresser, Chest of Drawers, Drawers. People spend too much money buying things they don’t need, so that other people won’t look down on them or bad mouth them. What do you think?

Closet, Wardrobe. What might happen in the future?

Cabinet. What could or should people do?

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