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An Anti-Pollution




land reverence first Americans
reborn spirit (3) hold it (2)
coast dump (2) botanic garden
ground plant (3) dumping ground
litter volunteer community
trash reclaim around (2)
involve pollution get involved
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Video one




Some people have a deep, abiding respect for the natural beauty what was once this country . . .

And some people don’t.

People start pollution. People can stop it.

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Video two






The first American people loved the land. They held it in simple reverence.

And in some Americans today, that spirit is reborn.

This is South Coast Botanic Garden in California. Once this was a dumping ground for trash and litter.

Community volunteers cleaned, planted and reclaimed it — and there the land is good again.

But all around us are reminders of how far we still have to go.

So everyone must get involved now.

To contact the Keep America Beautiful team, nearest you, write “Keep America Beautiful, 99 Park Avenue, New York, New York.”

People start pollution. People can stop it.

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1. In the first video, what was happening in the beginning? Where was the person? What was he doing? Describe the surroundings.

2. The narrator described two types of people. True or false? What two types of people did he mention? What were the two types of people?

3. Did the scenery and environment change? How did the scenery and environment change?

4. What happened in the end? What was the most poignant part? Why was it profound?

5. The beginning of the second video was the same as the first video. Yes or no?

6. Do the ancient Native Americans and modern Americans have the same values and ideals?

7. Was there a success story in the video?

8. Is there a message or theme in the videos? What is the message or theme?


A. What do people in your country know about Native Americans? How have they been portrayed by the media and history?

B. Are there any ethnic groups in your country that have a certain lore, fame or mystique?

C. Is pollution a serious problem where you live? What is the cause or source of pollution? Has it changed over the years?

D. What will happen in the future?

E. What are the solutions to pollution?

F. Have there been profound TV commercials?


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