Animals, two

Animals come in many shapes and sizes. They live throughout the world. Animals walk or crawl on land and dig through the soil. They swim in the water and fly through the air. Some animals even live inside the bodies of other animals.

Bats, dogs, horses, kangaroos, and moles are all animals. So are butterflies, frogs, jellyfish, pigeons, sharks, snakes, and worms.



horn cobra beehive
flute charm tortoise
shell turtle underwater
pack whale piggy bank
wolf diver goose/geese
bee nectar V-formation
seal turban fly/flew/flown
pond honey beekeeper
eagle sheep bald eagle
lake gather catch/caught/caught
nose stream aquarium
hunt jungle shepherd
flock smoke swing/swung/swung
deer antler leap/leapt/leapt
tail jump monkey
hawk rhino rhinoceros
soar snake balance
river charge orangutan


Describe the following pictures.

1. What do you see?

2. Where is this place?

3. What are they doing? Why are they doing this?

4. How do they feel?

5. Have you seen something like this before?

6. What will happen next?

19  20
21  22
23   24

25 26
27 28 
29 30
31  32
33 34
35 36


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