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Animals, one




Animals come in many shapes and sizes. They live throughout the world. Animals walk or crawl on land and dig through the soil. They swim in the water and fly through the air. Some animals even live inside the bodies of other animals. Bats, dogs, horses, kangaroos, and moles are all animals. So are butterflies, frogs, jellyfish, pigeons, sharks, snakes, and worms.

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ant bear animal
toy stork cheese
fly nest tortoise
bee camel beehive
ride desert pyramid
cat shark chicken
egg milk octopus
dog whale dinosaur
log leash elephant
neck horse giraffe
hunt parrot Swiss cheese
clay snake sculpture
cow diver dangerous
tree ocean snake charmer
bird honey wolf pack
wolf turtle mouse/mice

Describe the following pictures.

1. What do you see?

2. Where is this place?

3. What are they doing? Why are they doing this?

4. How do they feel? Why do they feel like this?

5. Have you seen something like this before?

6. What will happen next?

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