Basic Anatomy, I



brain throat stomach
liver lungs intestines/guts
heart triceps sweat/perspiration
skull blood tissues
bone kidney skeleton
ribs bicep muscle
cells urine tongue





A. Brain, Heart, Lungs

1. Who is the brainiest person in your class or company? Who has the “biggest” brain or “most” brains?

2. Most people use 2% of their brain’s true potential. What does this mean?

3. You’re a salesperson. Is it better to sell to someone’s brain or heart? Which is more effective, selling to person’s head or heart?

4. Smoking and air pollution are bad for the lungs. True or false? Describe the lungs of people living in the mountains.

5. I love chicken (beef, pork, sheep) liver. Yes or no?

6. Have you eaten kidney beans?




B. Stomach, Intestine

7. What is haggis? What is tripe soup?

8. What foods can cause an upset stomach or stomachache?

9. Have you or your friends ever tasted intestine sausage or sandwich?

10. Does your friend have the guts to approach someone of the opposite sex for a date? Does he or she get butterflies in the stomach?

11. Gut instincts are more accurate than conscious analysis. What do you think?

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