An Egyptian Bazaar




odd souvenir pretty (2)
camel journey labyrinth
gold odds are find/found/found
rap bad rap get/got/gotten
avoid vendor aggressive
price look for keep your cool
ready key (2) feel/felt/felt (2)
set fair (2) negotiate
expect excited couple (2)
shisha hookah escape (2)
tip (2) show (2) buy/bought/bought
ruin exactly experience
haggle serious meet/met/met (2)
accept middle water pipe






Odds are that everyone back home is gonna want a souvenir from your journey to Cairo. And Khan El-khalili Market is the place to be; a labyrinth of shops where you can find anything and everything you’re looking for, from Egyptian cotton to golden camels.

And while Egypt has gotten a pretty bad rap for having very aggressive street vendors, you can likely avoid any bad experiences by coming in knowing what to expect just say La shokran which is Arabic for “no thank you” to help you keep your cool.

And if that doesn’t work, you can escape to a shisha cafe.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Come to Khan El-khalili Market ready to haggle because there are no set prices and, the most fun you’re gonna have here is negotiating a good price that you feel is fair for the souvenir that you want.

But a couple tips that’ll help you is never show that you’re too excited to buy something — that’ll ruin everything.

American Tourist: “Ah, the key! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for it everywhere.”

Another tip: never accept their first offer: they’re always gonna start really high expecting you to go really low and meet somewhere in the middle.

American Tourist: “How much? How much for one? How much for this?
Bazaar Seller: “Three fifty.
American Tourist: “Three fifty? Yeah so, thank you very much!”
Bazaar Vendor: “Really? You are serious!”

And the last tip is never show how much money you have; they’re just gonna keep upping the price once they know that you can afford it.

American Tourist: “This is great. Thank you so much.”
Bazaar Merchant: “You’re welcome, sir!”
Bazaar Merchant, two: That’s a real American!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Village Store. This video was about a tour of the Pyramids of Giza. True or false?

Corner Store. According to the travel blogger, should tourists in Egypt only take photos and video?

General Store. Merchants at the Khan El-khalili Market sell mostly fruits, vegetables, cheese and clothes. Is this right or wrong?

Convenience Store. Is the Khan El-khalili Market new and modern? Is it one, big, open, spacious shop; or filled with lots of small stores?

Grocery Store. At the shisha cafe, do customers (only) drink coffee and tea?

Souvenir Stand. All the merchandise (store items) have price tags. Is this correct or incorrect?

Mini Market. Do Egyptian and American customers (shoppers) always pay the same price for the same items?
Open Market, Marketplace, Bazaar. There are bazaars, open-markets and marketplaces in my town, city and country. Yes or no? Are they new, old, ancient or “middle-aged”?

Flea Market. Are bazaars and marketplaces popular? Do you and your friends like to visit and shop in open markets? Do tourists like to shop in bazaars?

Supermarket. Have you and your friends been to bazaars in other countries, such as Turkey, Egypt, France, Spain, England, Thailand, Mexico? What bazaars would you like to visit?

Department Store. I would like to work as a bazaar merchant.

Hypermarket. What might happen in the future?

Shopping Mall, Shopping Center. Do you prefer bazaars and markets, or supermarkets and shopping malls? Where should people shop?

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